Monthly Archives: December 2010

Chinese Metal Works of Art

By Sara Sandock

Recently, I took a short trip to Shanghai, China on a last-minute request. I didn't know what to think or expect from this country, but was very interested to see what the architecture and cityscape was like so far away from home. Though it wasn't my favorite trip I have ever taken, the city of Shanghai boasted some of the most interesting metal buildings I have ever seen in person.

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Adding Metal Mesh to Your Canvas

By Stefan Schumacher

Metal has become such a valuable aesthetic design element that, in some cases, it's almost art. One such example is metal fabric, which opens the architect's palette up to all kinds of different stylings. An exhibit taking place in Tokyo is currently showcasing the work of Dominique Perrault, who has been using GKD mesh as a primary design element in a number of internationally recognized projects.

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The Recovery Continues

The construction market is still down. And therefore, so is the architecture market. Or at least that's what the conventional wisdom is these days. But is it true?

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