Monthly Archives: September 2014

Green Building Continues to Grow

By Marcy Marro


The green architecture and building market is stronger than ever. As the market grows and changes, the need for people who understand the way LEED and other green building programs work also increases.

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MTC Has Relocated, Will You?


By Mark Robins

After staying at the same address for almost 30 years, Modern Trade Communications has moved to a new location. It is:

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Codes and Standards

When it comes to designing and building a new residential or commercial project, it is important to take note of the codes and standards that are in play wherever the project is being built. Every few years it seems that the codes, standards and green building programs are constantly changing, making it even more important to be up-to-date with what's going on. It also bears to note that not all of the codes and standards work hand-in-hand with each other, or the green building programs that architects and designers are working with.

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