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Giroux Glass Now a Certified CENTRIA Dealer-Installer

Giroux Glass Inc. announces that it has recently become a certified dealer-installer of CENTRIA products. As a qualified member of the CENTRIA dealer network, this certification qualifies Giroux Glass as the one CENTRIA dealer-installer to provide product and installation over the geographic regions that include from Merced in Central California, south to the California-Mexican border, and the Southern half of the state of Nevada.

Bob Linford, vice president of California operations, is excited to offer this new service and product line. "CENTRIA is known within the industry as a top quality supplier of panel systems; in that respect, I feel that their focus on excellence makes them a perfect fit for our company."

In addition, Linford feels that customers will benefit from this alliance, explaining, "Between offering CENTRIA products and our capabilities to fabricate panels and aluminum materials, we now provide our general contractors superior products as well as the installation for complete glass and panel wall systems. This can eliminate their need to source bids from other subcontractors, and get all they need, right here, with Giroux Glass. And in two of our top markets, if they want CENTRIA, we're the one."

Nataline Lomedico, chief executive officer and president of Giroux Glass, shares Linford's enthusiasm. "Offering CENTRIA products makes sense for our planned growth. Taking on additional components of a project enables us to better control and coordinate the timing of our wall system installations, ensuring schedules that run more smoothly and help us meet our clients' goals. We now provide a seamless transition from wall to window systems."

Giroux Glass members of the Commercial Contracts team received training in both California and Pennsylvania, learning about the various insulated and non-insulated panel wall systems and their correct installation procedures. Fabrication for projects in both California and Nevada will take place in Giroux Glass' San Bernardino, California plant. The San Bernardino fabrication plant was established in 2008, is powered by solar panels, and the facility was honored with the City's "Environmental Award" in 2009.