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May 2013 Product Catalog - Standing Seam Roof Systems

Englert Inc.
Englert offers a broad range of metal roof panel
profiles, panel widths and finishes to meet any
design objective. Produced on the world's most
technically advanced paint line, all of Englert's
26 ULTRA-Cool finishes are Energy Star and
LEED-compliant, backed by widely recognized
product testing, the best industry warranties
and engineering expertise.

Umicore Building Products Inc.
Due to the size of a recently-constructed,
privately-owned residence, VMZINC standing
seam panels were selected for their easy installation,
being well-suited for large surfaces
including roofs and façades. Additionally,
these panels are highly durable, critical for
this home's location in an area often visited
by tropical storms and hurricanes.

Metl-Span CFR is an insulated metal standing
seam roof panel and is the newest innovation
in all-in-one composite roof panel design,
combining durable interior and exterior faces
with Metl-Span's unmatched polyurethane
core. The CFR is a truly unique answer to
many deficiencies common with traditional
roofing materials of the past.

Petersen Aluminum Corp.
SNAP-CLAD Panels feature architectural
panel aesthetics as well as structural panel
performance. Produced in continuous lengths,
SNAP-CLAD is corrective leveled to provide
superior flatness. These panels feature a 1
3/4-inch leg height and continuous interlock
for improved structural performance and wind
resistance. A concealed fastener clip system
allows for thermal expansion/contraction while
providing extraordinary hold-down strength.

McElroy Metal
McElroy Metal's 238T standing seam
roofing system is setting the new
standard for performance with ease of
installation, outstanding wind uplift and
strength characteristics, individual panel
replacement capability and job-site rollforming
for long-length panels. To meet
the demand for specialty panels, 238T
is also available tapered and curved.

ATAS International Inc.
ATAS offers four different standing seam products.
Dutch Seam and Monarch Batten Seam are
structural continuous standing seam panels with
different styles of integral seams. Offered in many
different seam heights, the Field-Lok is a standing
seam system that must be mechanically seamed in
the field. The PC System is a non-structural standing
seam system where the seam is snapped over
the clips and fasteners, concealing the fastening

MBCI offers six standing
seam metal roof panels, all of
which provide a product that
is structurally sound, durable
and flexible to any creative
design. MBCI's standing seam
systems allow for a quick and
easy roof installation, and yields
results that ensure long-term
cost savings.