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Daring Designs

July 2018 Metal Architecture Editor's Comments.

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A Deep Dive into Biophilic Design

In the June issue of Metal Architecture, we take a closer look at biophilic design and how architecture can connect people to nature.

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Variety in Design

Editor's comments for the May 2018 issue of Metal Architecture magazine.

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Puzzle Pieces

Putting together building envelopes, the 2018 Readers' Choice Awards, update on MCM usage and the release of LEED v4.1 are all discussed in the Editor's Comments in the April 2018 issue of Metal Architecture.

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USGBC debuts LEED v4.1

The U.S. Green Building Council releases LEED v4.1. 

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Unique Themes

One of the things I enjoy most about traveling for work is the opportunity to see places and things I may not have the chance to otherwise. While I don’t always get to do as much exploring as I would like when traveling to a new city for work, I...

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