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Do building product manufacturers do enough to support architects?

Are building product manufacturers doing everything they can to support architects using their products? According to a new study byThe American Institute of Architects (AIA), maybe not. The landmark study, "The Architect's Journey to Specification," assesses the cultural, technical and information influences in the choices made by America's building design...

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A Positive Outlook

With a new president about to take office, 2017 is full of both uncertainty and predictions of a strong year. And as we head into a new year, it's time to look toward the future with the help of industry experts, who weigh in on what they predict 2017 will...

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Market Growth

Has your architecture or design firm completely recovered from the Great Recession? Are you back on track and doing the same or more business than before the economy tanked? I know when I look around the two communities near where I live and where I work in the Chicagoland area...

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Buildings and Health Impacts

When designing a new building for a client, do you consider the health impact of the building? According to a new study released last month, nearly three quarters of architects say the health impacts of buildings are influencing their design decisions. This finding matches a strong market demand by building...

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Emerging Technologies

With Pokémon Go being one of the biggest stories of the summer, it's no surprise more and more people are talking about the rise of augmented reality and virtual reality. And, as I was putting the final touches on this month's Special Feature, "Bringing Buildings to Life," which discusses the...

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Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Last night, a major political party broke the glass ceiling by nominating a woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as its nominee for president of the United States. Politics aside, it's a historical moment. Does this mean that we're about to have the first female president? We'll have to wait until November...

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