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Looking Ahead

A new year brings a time of reflection, to look back on the year that's past, and to look forward to the year ahead. And, as we do each year at this time, we take time to reflect upon the past year and take a look at where the metal...

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Continued Growth

Over the past several months, it's become evident that the economy has picked up pace to a point where many businesses are thriving and many even have more work than they can handle. It is becoming harder and harder to set aside time to talk to architects and contractors about...

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Defining Net Zero

In September, the U.S. Department of Energy released a common definition for a net zero energy building. After a year and a half extensive stakeholder engagement process, the Energy Department released its findings in "A Common Definition for Zero Energy Buildings," which you can find at This report states...

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Growth of Green Construction

One of the things we are always discussing in the pages of the magazine is sustainable and green construction. We look at how the architecture and construction market has changed over the past several years, while looking towards the future. A few weeks ago, the U.S. Green Building Council, along...

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Looking Up

As journalists writing about architecture and construction on a regular basis, a sure-fire way we know the economy is picking up is when it becomes difficult to get architects and contractors on the phone for more than a few minutes. While this is obviously a good sign for business and...

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Steadily Growing Sustainability

The demand for high-performing and sustainable buildings continues to increase all of the time. We see it in the page of the magazine. The majority of projects showcased are either LEED certified or have a significant amount of sustainable features. We hear it when we talk to architects and contractors...

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