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Metal mesh screened for toxic materials

A flexible woven fabric manufacturer disclosed specific product information to participate in an environmentally conscious labeling program. Cascade Coil Drapery Inc., Tualatin, Ore., announced it will be the first company to apply Declare labels to woven wire-mesh fabrics. Declare is an ingredients-labeling program for the construction industry, according to its website, and is part of a green building certification program, Living Building Challenge. Declare labels include complete lists of all components in materials.

Cascade Coil produces a variety of woven wire-mesh fabrics including Aluminum Coil Drapery, Nickel-Plated Steel Coil Drapery, Stainless Steel Coil Drapery, Steel Coil Drapery and Tin-Plated Steel Coil Drapery. Five of the Cascade Coil wire-mesh fabric compositions are free of toxic chemicals and suitable for sustainable building, noted on the new labels as "Red List Free." The fabrics are used for window treatments, exterior scrims, office partitions, room dividers, ceiling treatments, indoor lighting effects, shower curtains and fireplace screens.

Ronald A. Schoenheit, president and CEO of Cascade Coil Drapery, says the metal-based draperies are inherently flame-retardant.

"Cascade Coil's woven wire-mesh fabric pushes sustainable design outward into a new realm of potential and sophistication," Schoenheit says.

Within the Declare products database, Cascade Coil's woven wire-mesh fabrics are included in Division 12 - Furnishings.

The National Fire Protection Association requires cloth fabric window treatments used in public buildings in the U.S. to be flame-retardant based on criteria and testing, known as the 701 test. Chemicals, including PBDE, TBBPA, HBCD, Deca-BDE, TCPP, TCEP, Dechlorane Plus and other bromine- and chlorine-based retardants, have been used to comply with the conditions. The Environmental Protection Agency started phasing out the chemicals about 10 years ago.

"The benefits of using Cascade Coil woven wire-mesh drapery fabrics are numerous," Schoenheit says.