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CFSEI to host Oct. 26 webinar on "The Structural Aspect of Interior Nonstructural Cold-Formed Steel Framing”

The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI) will host a webinar on “The Structural Aspect of Interior Nonstructural Cold-Formed Steel Framing” on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET. The webinar is designed for architects, engineers, building officials and contractors. Participants are eligible for 1.5 PDHs. 

The webinar will review various interior nonstructural cold-formed steel framing for code-specified and engineered applications. Often, interior applications beyond ASTM installation standards are not thoroughly addressed in project contract documents. This webinar will assist building design professionals by highlighting code and industry standard limitations and illustrating which ones do not require analysis and which ones require additional engineering to determine proper member sizes and installation. The webinar will cover several topics, including: 

  • Industry technology,
  • Wall and ceiling members: tables, bridging and limitations,
  • Chase wall framing,
  • Partial height partition support systems,
  • Structure deflection accommodations, and
  • Suspended ceiling systems. 

The webinar will be conducted by Randy Kuss, Project Manager at ClarkDietrich Engineering Services LLC. Kuss has more than 25 years of experience in both structural and nonstructural cold-formed steel framing, ranging from basic interior partition installation requirements to complex architectural feature framing. His current responsibilities include engineering pricing, sales, design management, engineering design, detailing and field installation technical services for all aspects of structural and nonstructural cold-formed steel framing.  

More information on the webinar and registration details are available at