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Product Focus: Fasteners

PAM Fastening Technology Inc.

The design of the screw point on the new PAM collated IPE screws, by PAM Fastening Technology Inc., drives easily and results in an attractive cosmetic installation. The 10-gauge by 2 1/2-inch (64-mm) screw is made of 304 stainless steel for added durability. The IPE screws also eliminate the need for predrilling.


Simpson Strong-Tie

Quik Drive HG colored screws are an ideal fastening solution for metal roofing. HG screws are collated hex head fasteners available in 22 stock colors to match a variety of roof panels. Custom color matching also is available to match any project. All HG screws feature a N2000 galvanized finish for corrosion resistance and come with EPDM rubber-backed washers. The collated screws can be used with the Quik Drive PROHX14 screw-driving attachment to quickly fasten metal roofing.


ITW Buildex

ITW Buildex has released its Anti-Backout Thread Form for metal building lap screws. The revolutionary thread design resists the effects of seasonal, thermal movement of roof and wall panels that cause standard fasteners to reverse or back. This leaves an unsealed fastener, potential for water penetration, and costly callbacks and repairs. The design is available on all 1/4- by 7/8-inch (6- by 22- mm) lap screws in Bonded, Maxiseal, SCOTS and HTZ head styles.


SFS intec

SFS intec now offers the Woodgrip XG and XG Clip fasteners. Both fasteners provide superior fastening performance to wood substrates, including OSB, plywood and 1- by 4-inch (25- by 102-mm) pine.

The Woodgrip XG, for metal panel attachment to wood substrate, has a HWH and control seal washer, is coated for corrosion resistance and can be painted to match any panel color. The XG Clip fastener, for standing-seam panel clip attachment to wood substrate, has a pancake head and Quadrex, Philips-square combination drive.

Both fasteners are designed with a large aggressive thread design, providing superior resistance to strip out, as well as improved pullout and backout values. These #12-8 sharp point fasteners selfdrill through the metal into wood substrate.


Triangle Fastener Corp.

Triangle Fastener Corp. has introduced the BRACER II Bracing Washer and STRESS-LOK Clamping Washer, a patented bracing system designed to increase the load capacity and minimize slippage of the rod. BRACER II has patented slip-resistant knurls designed to minimize slippage of the flat washer and rod, thereby increasing load capacity and frame stability. STRESS-LOK is the first washer that is specifically designed for use with hillside-style bracing washers. The patented concaved bearing surface with a series of knurls increases the contact area between the washer and hillside.

Triangle also introduced VRT Technology, a patent-pending screw thread designed to significantly increase back-out torque and reduce the potential for failed joints. The Vibration Resistant Thread, or VRT, has an innovative shape that keeps the fastener tighter in applications where expansion, contraction and vibration are a concern.;;;;