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Product Focus: Insulation (August 2009)

ACH Foam Technologies

SecureTherm Composite Roof Insulation from ACH Foam Technologies is a high-performance, lightweight and weather-resistant expanded polystyrene roof insulation with a factory-applied durable fiberglass facer to meet UL Class A requirements. Intended to eliminate the need for cover boards in roof applications, SecureTherm is ideal for low-slope applications employing all mechanically fastened or ballasted single-ply and modified bitumen systems. It has a stable R-value and is available in a variety of thicknesses to meet virtually any R-value.


Carlisle SynTec

Carlisle SynTec recently introduced SecurShield Polyiso Insulation to its growing line of energy-efficient roof products. SecurShield is a durable insulation product that can be applied directly to wood decks for either a Class A or Class B fire rating without the need for a fire-rated slipsheet or gypsum cover board. Featuring a rigid, closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core laminated to polymer-coated glass facers, SecurShield provides premium fire resistance, moisture resistance and wind uplift performance.


CertainTeed Corp.

CertainTeed's new CertaSpray Foam Insulation plays a critical role in helping building professionals tailor solutions to meet specific needs. Offered in both open- and closed-cell formulas, CertaSpray creates an air seal and can be used in whole house and building applications or in combination with fiberglass insulation. By reducing air leakage, CertaSpray minimizes hot and cold spots and provides outstanding comfort and indoor air quality by impeding the penetration of moisture and outdoor allergens. Consisting of a two-component foam insulation, CertaSpray is sprayed into a building cavity and quickly expands to fill every opening that can potentially leak air. The open-cell formula expands to create a soft, flexible insulation, and the closed-cell formula results in a hard, rigid consistency that provides added structural integrity to walls. CertaSpray helps meet Energy Star requirements.


Dow Building Solutions

The THERMAX Wall System from Dow Building Solutions can help commercial steel stud building achieve greater energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. The integrated wall system features continuous exterior insulation, a water-resistive layer and an air barrier in one solution. The THERMAX Wall System provides a continuous thermal barrier that insulates both the wall cavity and steel studs (which transfer heat 10times faster than wood studs) and moves the dew point from within the wall cavity to the exterior. The system's R-9 to R-24 values contribute to LEED credits.



SopraRock from SOPREMA is an insulating material composed of natural basalt rock and recycled slag that is noncombustible, water repellent and noncorrosive. SopraRock insulation minimizes emissions released into the environment during a fire. SopraRock is available in both mono-density and duel-density versions, both of which may be impregnated with a layer of bitumen that is compatible with a torch- or mop-applied membrane.



HIGH-R's Insulated Ceiling System can help metal building owners dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs, meet green building standards and achieve a high-end interior look. The HIGH-R Insulated Ceiling System panels are attached to clips at the base of roof purlins and a patented manifold fills the cavity above the panels with approved fiberglass blowing wool insulation, giving the ceiling system an insulation value up to R-42. The Insulated Ceiling System is installed after the roof decking, eliminating weather delays common with typical metal building insulation methods. The system is FDA approved for use in food processing facilities and GSA approved for government buildings. Additionally, it may qualify for energy-efficiency tax credits and can be retrofitted to most existing metal buildings.


Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation offers EcoBatt Glasswood Insulation with ECOSE Technology for metal building applications. The ECOSE Technology is based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials; delivers superior environmental sustainability; reduces binder embodied energy; and contains no phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors. Along with the ECOSE Technology, the insulation is made with sand and post-consumer recycled bottle glass.


Owens Corning

Owens Corning increased the recycled content in its FOAMULAR products from 15 to 20 percent. FOAMULAR rigid foam insulation for exterior walls contains hundreds of millions of densely packed air cells to provide exceptional thermal performance. It's virtually impervious to moisture, preventing loss of R-value due to moisture penetration. It can be scored and snapped, cut or sawed with common tools. Additionally, the FOAMULAR insulation production process recycles 100 percent of its own scrap, leaving no foam waste to be taken to landfills.;;;;;;; www.knaufi;