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Product Focus: Underlayments

Berger Building Products Inc.

Berger's Pro-Master RoofShield UDL and UDL Plus are advanced synthetic roofing underlayments that can be used under most primary roofing materials instead of felt. Significantly lighter and stronger than 30# felt, each resists mold growth and has an anti-slip coating for safety. RoofShield UDL Plus has Traction Twist Fiber woven in for increased strength and traction. They come in 52-inch- (1,321-mm-) wide 10 square rolls. Both underlayments are approved in coastal areas prone to hurricanes.


Drexel Metals Corp.

Drexel Metals' Underlayment Division has made available RoofAquaGuard HT and Pro-Tek Guard. RoofAquaGuard HT is a peel-and-stick (self-adhesive) underlayment. The product, which complies with ASTM D1970 and TAS 103, can be installed in cool temperatures and can withstand temperatures up to 280 F (137 C). ProTek Guard is one of the lightest underlayments on the market, weighing only 33 pounds (15 kg) per 1,000-square-foot (93-m2) roll. The product has a topside walking surface, which has exceptional wear properties and withstands severe abrasion. ProTek Guard is clearly marked for nail attachments and overlaps.


Englert Inc.

The Englert Metalman HT Self-Adhesive Roof Underlayment is a 40-mil (1-mm) waterproofing membrane composed of SBS modified bitumen and a tough, ultraviolet-resistant, anti-slip polyethylene woven top facer. The membrane is designed for use in high-temperature environments where the in-service temperature can reach as high as 250 F (136 C). The self-sealing, high tensilestrength underlayment is designed to provide waterproof protection before, during and after the installation of metal roofing. The slip-resistant material is 100 percent UV protected and features a silicone release film backing that protects the product from degradation and allows it to be stored outside without the need for a cardboard box.


The Garland Co. Inc.

The new HPR Aqua Shield self-adhering underlayment from Garland is a lightweight,
reinforced base sheet designed for a variety of steep- and low-slope roofing applications. HPR Aqua Shield underlayment provides ice and water protection for a wide range of roof systems, including metal. Formulated using a high-quality SBR modified bitumen, the underlayment is reinforced with high strength fiberglass. Its self-adhering technology uses an advanced adhesive surface. The lightweight base sheet installs fl at, providing a suitable working surface for sloped applications.


Kirsch Building Products LLC

Kirsch Building Products has introduced a refl ective radiant barrier roof underlayment Sharkskin Ultra Radiant Barrier. The underlayment combines the original heavyweight synthetic Sharkskin Ultra roof underlayment with a low emissive, 99.9 percent pure aluminum layer. This highly reflective, low emissive roof underlayment reduces attic temperatures and energy costs during the summer months by reflecting 97 percent of the sun's radiant energy. The product meets 2008 California Energy Code requirements (Title 24).


Polyglass USA

Polyglass USA has developed a solution for the extreme temperatures found underneath metal roof systems with its Polystick MTS High Temperature underlayment. Able to withstand temperatures up to 265 F (129 C), Polystick MTS is a self-adhesive underlayment developed for use under metal roof systems. Ideal as an environmentally friendly material, the product results in an extended roof life, as well as reduced life cycle and roof maintenance costs. Also, because of its self-adhesive application, no VOCs are emitted when used.;;;;