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Readers' Choice Awards for 2016

In our third year of tracking the most requested products from the pages of Metal Architecture we've seen an abrupt change that may be reflective of the changing market. In previous years, much of the interest of our readers was on energy conservation and photovoltaics. In 2015, the Readers' Choice awards went to much more workman-like products: fasteners, underlayment, roofing, insulated metal panels, etc.

During the last year, we have seen a significant decline in energy costs, so it may be that our readers are transferring their focus to new areas and investigating ways to help their clients by rethinking the basics.

We measured our readers' interest by the number of leads they generated for each mention and then ranked them. The winners of the awards are the 25 products in editorial coverage that generated the most leads.

That's not to say that energy usage and sustainability are far from our readers' minds with these picks. Almost all of the products have a tie-in to some sort of sustainable concern, whether it's a thermal break in a curtainwall or a wall mount for a low-energy consumption LED in an industrial setting.

Still, our top two products identified are underlayment materials for metal roofing, indicating that architects are focusing not just on sustainability but also the ease with which a building can be constructed. That kind of attention can only lead to reduced construction costs and improved performance.

Check out the top 25 products from 2015 as identified by our readers in the Metal Architecture Readers' Choice Awards.


Atlas Polyseal

1. Atlas Roofing Corp.
WeatherMaster PolySeal SE Underlayment
September 2015

Atlas Roofing's WeatherMaster PolySeal SE is a self-adhering modified composite roof underlayment with a selvage edge. The 50-mil roof underlayment features a soft surfaced polyester face that allows for direct-to-deck application, and provides metal roofs a barrier to storm damage, ultraviolet degradation and moisture. WeatherMaster PolySeal SE can be applied to dry roof deck surfaces during fair, dry weather in temperatures above 45 F before a metal roof surface is installed.

Barricade underlayment

2. Barricade Building Products
Roof Pro Underlayment
September 2015

Barricade Building Products' Roof Pro synthetic roof underlayment provides tear resistance and has a non-skid, cool gray surface. Roof Pro lies flat, doesn't wrinkle, is water resistant, and has a faster installation time compared to felt and other narrower synthetics.

Mounting Systems

3. Kawneer Co. Inc.
2500 UT Unitwall System
September 2015

Kawneer's 2500 UT Unitwall System has a 2.5-inch profile and a one-piece polyamide thermal break, which eliminates the need for pressure plates and fasteners. The unitized curtainwall features two-piece verticals allowing for a continuous snap engagement to maximize strength and stacked joints within the system for building movement. Additionally, four-sided captured exterior covers allow for clear sightlines, and structural silicone glazed configurations create an all-glass appearance.

Zapponne Manufacturing

4. Zappone Manufacturing
Copper Shingles
August 2015

Zappone Manufacturing's full-size and accent copper shingles use a four-way interlocking system and are installed with nails. The metal roof shingles are 99.96 pure copper, 85 percent recycled, 50 percent post-consumer. Zappone Manufacturing's copper shingles have a wind rating to 110 mph, and may be used for roof and wall applications. The accent shingles can be used for bay window kits, copulas, pizza ovens and small roofs.

Metstar Slate

5. Metstar USA Inc.
Slate MF Plus High Albedo Metal Tiles
November 2015

Metstar USA's Slate MF Plus High Albedo metal tiles are produced with 26-gauge Galvalume steel and may be installed over existing shingles. The metal tile panels cover 50 3/8 inches by 14 5/16 inches and are available in Charcoal, 3-Tone Silver Grey and 3-Tone Teak. A Galvalume Plus finish reflects 100 percent of ultraviolet rays.

Classic Country Manor

6. Classic Metal Roofing Systems
Country Manor Shake Shingles
August 2015

Classic Metal Roofing Systems offers Country Manor Shake Shingles with a four-way interlocking system. Country Manor Shake Shingles have 95 percent post-consumer recycled content and are available with Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 coatings including hI-R Heat Barrier Technology. The metal roof shingles have a 40-year lifetime/limited transferable warranty against peeling, cracking, chalking and fading.

Kingspan Hercules Door

7. Kingspan Insulated Panels Inc.
Hercules Cold Storage Door
September 2015

Kingspan Insulated Panels' Hercules cold storage doors feature wood-free construction and are offered in more than a dozen designs. Applications include blast freezer, freezer, cooler, docks, processing, ripening rooms, automotive test cells, research facilities and distribution facilities. The operator and track assembly for all Hercules operable sliding doors has been upgraded to increase the performance and quality, and reduce maintenance and callbacks.

Certainteed Vapor barrier

8. CertainTeed Corp.
MemBrain Vapor Retarder
January 2015

CertainTeed's MemBrain vapor retarder is a polyamide film that changes permeability from less than 1 perm at low humidity, such as during winter, to greater than 20 perms at high relative humidity. MemBrain is used in place of traditional polyethylene vapor retarders with unfaced fiberglass insulation to provide an insulation system that functions well in areas with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity.

Certainteed Foam Insulation

9. CertainTeed Corp.
CertaSpray Polyurethane Foam Insulation
November 2015

CertainTeed's CertaSpray insulation is polyurethane foam sprayed into a building cavity that quickly expands to fill openings that might leak air. It may be applied to hard-to-reach areas including cathedral ceilings, knee walls and roof decks. CertaSpray foam insulation is available in open- and closed-cell formulas, is International Code Council code-approved and meets GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality requirements.

Big Ass Light

10. Big Ass Light
Wall and Column Mounts for LEDs
September 2015

Big Ass Light offers wall and column mounts for its industrial LEDs. The wall mounts bolt directly to walls and the column adapters clamp onto steel I-beams 8 inches to 12 inches wide without drilling. The laser-cut aluminum and powdercoated mounts are available in three sizes: 26.9 inches for the Garage Light, 41.6 inches for High Bay and Low Bay LEDs, and 50.4 inches for the 26,000-lumen fixture. The mounts attach the fixtures to vertical surfaces for 360 degrees of direct light.

ClarkDietrich Red headers

11. ClarkDietrich Building Systems
RedHeader RO Rough Opening System
September 2015

ClarkDietrich Building Systems' RedHeader RO Rough Opening System is designed for interior and exterior framing applications around non-load bearing doors and windows. The rough opening system reduces the number of framing components required to frame a rough opening and the on-site labor to assemble window and door structures by using single members instead of a conventional built-up header or jamb system. The RedHeader RO Rough Opening System features an adjustable Drop'N Lock clip for field adjustments, and provides a flat surface for a smooth drywall finish.

EDCO Arrowline

12. EDCO Products
August 2015

EDCO Products' ArrowLine enhanced slate and shake shingles are available in six blended colors and coated with a deluxe Kynar 500 finish. The shingles are double embossed for strength. EDCO's metal roof products are Energy Star-rated and include a lifetime, non-prorated limited warranty with hail and fade protection.

Dow Liquid Armor

13. Dow Chemical Co.
January 2015

The Dow Chemical's LIQUIDARMOR has durable, elastomeric flashing with moisture and air sealing performance, and is available in the THERMAX Wall System and Ultra Air Barrier Wall System. LIQUIDARMOR's liquid flashing simplifies sealing complex window details and design geometries.

Mapes Infill Panel

14. Mapes Panels LLC
Mapes-SPS Infill Panel
January 2015

Mapes Panels' Mapes-SPS (solid plastic substrate) infill panels utilize a solid plastic substrate that offers moisture-resistance similar to Mapes CORELITE panels with improved durability, rigidity and impact resistance. Mapes-SPS panels are available with Mapes' standard or custom finish options that have R-values up to 27.7 and may be used in storefront and curtainwall applications.

Therm-all Vapor Retarder

15. Therm-All Inc.
WMP-10/PSK STD Vapor Retarder
January 2015

Therm-All's WMP-10/PSK STD is a general-purpose vapor retarder with a perm rating of 0.02. WMP-10/PSK STD functions in chemically hostile environments and is specified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Vinyl Backerbead

16. Vinyl Corp.
September 2015

Vinyl's BackerBead for exterior openings in wet wall stucco applications eliminates the need to install a backer-rod separately. BackerBead features a factory-applied backer rod affixed to the vinyl casing bead and set to the exact height and depth, which allows the installer to create a gap on the wall without aligning it in the field. BackerBead provides caulking depth, coverage and gap control, and is available in tan, brown and gray.

Seatlite Steel Binder

17. Sealtite Building Fasteners
ZXL SteelBinder
August 2015

Sealtite Building Fasteners' ZXL SteelBinder fasteners for use on Galvalume and other metal roof panels features a drill point that penetrates steel thickness up to 0.21-inch with no point walking. ZXL SteelBinder fasteners' cupped hex washer head and undercut EPDM rubber washer provide pullover strength. A ZAMAC 5 Zinc-Aluminum alloy molded head protects against red rust on the head and washer face.

Firestone V-Force

18. Firestone Building Products
V-Force Vapor Barrier Membrane
January 2015

Firestone Building Products' V-Force Vapor Barrier Membrane doubles as a vapor barrier and self-adhered temporary roof. It is available in 80-pound rolls that provide 500 square feet of coverage per roll. V-Force Vapor Barrier Membrane is recognized by the International Building Code as a Class l vapor retarder with a perm rating of 0.02.

Alpine VisionRez

19. Alpine, a division of Illinois Tool Works Inc.
VisionREZ 2016 for Revit
September 2015

Alpine offers VisionREZ 2016 for Revit, with which users can create complicated roof planes with a combination of walls, beams and model lines; use tools to create fascia, freezes and soffits from a roof style; and create horizontal floor framing layouts and support for solid sawn joists, EWP and floor trusses. The Options Management module is offered as a plug-in for the VisionREZ tool sets for Revit.

YKK Thermashade

20. YKK AP America Inc.
August 2015

YKK AP America's ThermaShade sun control systems for curtainwalls and storefronts feature attachment bracket anchors and outriggers that expose the fasteners. They can be used to create an industrial appearance. ThermaShade has a thermally broken attachment anchor and its one-piece attachment bracket eliminates the need to notch the face plate. The sunshade may be integrated with most YKK AP America products, hundreds of design options are available and one person may install it.

ATAS Isoleren

21. ATAS International Inc.
Isoleren Insulated Metal Panel
December 2015

ATAS International's Isoleren insulated metal panels (IMP) are lightweight and available in a variety of profiles, colors and finishes. The IMPs are installed as a single element and are designed to complement all ATAS International products.

Laminators Omega FoamPly

22. Laminators Inc.
Omega Foam-Ply Panel
December 2015

Laminators' Omega Foam-Ply panels feature an insulating foam core sandwiched between two layers of exterior-grade hard-board and finished aluminum sheets. They have an overall panel thickness of 5/8 inches to 3 1/2 inches, and 1-inch-thick is typical. Omega Foam-Ply panels are available in a variety of colors and two surface finishes. Applications include storefronts, infill panels, opaque glazing, spandrels and sunrooms.

Miasole Photovoltaic

23. Miasole Hi-Tech Corp.
FLEX 01-N Photovoltaic
February 2015

MiaSolé Hi-Tech's FLEX 01-N flexible PV module for standing seam metal roofs is a high-power density, flexible PV module with a power efficiency of 15.5 percent. The FLEX module's self-adhesive provides a peel-n-stick installation method and the module can be purchased factory laminated to metal panels or installed in the field by the contractor. The FLEX PV module weighs less than 0.7-pound per square foot and has a low profile with the same wind uplift rating as the roof system design.

Chicago Metal Supply Samsung Panel

24. Chicago Metal Supply
Samsung Metal's Pre-patinated Stainless Steel Sheet
January 2015

Chicago Metal Supply distributes Samsung Metal's pre-patinated stainless steel in sheet form up to 4 by 10 feet in various gauges up to 20-gauge. The pre-patinated stainless steel has the color characteristics of zinc, including Graphite and Brown, without expansion and contraction issues or white rust. It comes in six colors and includes two patterns.

Kingspan IMP

25. Kingspan Insulated Panels Inc.
BENCHMARK by Kingspan's Designwall Insulated Metal Panel
July 2015

Kingspan Insulated Panels' BENCHMARK by Kingspan Designwall series insulated metal panel with a high-performance joint features a double-sealed joint in the face and liner. Additionally, the panel has a double-sloped drainage shelf and double-pressure equalization chamber for air- and water-penetration resistance. Designwall panels with a high-performance joint are available up to 4 inches thick; ribbed panels are available in 2.5-, 3- and 4-inch thicknesses.