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Readers' Choice Awards for 2017

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It's all about that roof. In the 2017 Metal Architecture Readers' Choice Awards, more than one third of the products identified by our readers involved the roof. Whether it was top vote getter, the Milan Shingle from McElroy Metal, Bossier City, La., or the two roof underlayment products in the top five, architects clearly were looking up when they were thinking about products this year. Roofing shingles, shakes, standing seam systems, underlayment and rainwater control all got noticed.

In previous years, we've seen the Reader's Choice Awards tend toward photovoltaic and insulation products, those systems associated with energy consumption, but this year even roof hatches were catching our readers' eyes.

To generate the list of top product choices from 2016, we looked at the number of leads generated by every product mention in the magazine during the 2016 calendar year, not including advertisements. Of the thousands of products mentioned, we selected the 29 that generated the most leads and ranked them from first to last.

That's not to say that energy consumption issues completely disappeared from our list. It still features a healthy complement of insulated metal panels, insulations systems, fans, thermal breaks in curtainwalls, and daylighting systems. All of those work to make buildings more user friendly, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Check out the top 29 products from 2016 as identified by our readers in the Metal Architecture Readers' Choice Awards.


1. McElroy Metal
Milan Shingle
January 2016

McElroy Metal's Milan shingle is a G90 galvanized steel interlocking roofing profile designed to resist high winds and provide fire resistance. The 29-gauge Milan shingle is available in eight PVDF colors and seven PVDF Designer Prints that simulate Cedar Shake and Slate. Milan Shingles can be installed on many existing roofs. A complete system including starter edge, ridge and hip cap, gable edge trim, valley, sidewall flashing and nail clips is available.

2. Forms + Surfaces Co. LLC
Linq Woven Metal Collection
February 2016 

Forms + Surfaces' Linq Woven Metal collection is available in 10 CrossLinq patterns, all in rigid woven wire. Linq Woven Metal can be specified in sheet sizes to a maximum of 60 inches by 120 inches. It may be installed in interior and exterior applications including wall systems, columns, railings, partitions, room dividers, elevator interiors and other elements.

3. Dupont Building Innovations
Tyvek Protec Roof Underlayment
September 2016 

DuPont Building Innovations' Tyvek Protec roof underlayment is a secondary water barrier on steep-sloped roofs (2:12 or higher) under metal, asphalt, cedar or slate shingles and tiles. Tyvek Protec is offered in a variety of grades: Tyvek Protec 120, Tyvek Protec 160 and Tyvek Protec 200. It is designed to lay flat, be wrinkle free and easy to chalk.

4. TAMKO Building Products Inc.
MetalWorks Steel Shingles
August 2016 

TAMKO Building Products' MetalWorks Steel Shingles are available in three shingle profiles: Slate, Wood and Tile, and in a variety of Energy Star-qualified colors. The metal shingles are applied with a four-way locking system and may be installed in a range of residential and commercial applications on decks more than 3 inches per foot. MetalWorks Steel Shingles are constructed with G-90 steel and Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 finishes. They have a 50-year limited product warranty and 25-year full start period.

5. Drexel Metals
Metshield Synthetic Roof Underlayment
September 2016 

Drexel Metals' Metshield Synthetic roof underlayment is a high-tensile strength, 40-mil, SBS-modified bitumen with a UV-resistant, anti-slip polyethylene woven top facer. It self-seals around roofing nails, screws and clips used to install the primary roof system. It has a skid-resistant surface for steep-slope applications. Metshield Synthetic underlayment may be used with metal, asphalt and slate shingles and tiles, and a variety of sloped roof materials. It may be used for commercial and residential applications using plastic cap fasteners and roofing nails (3/8-inch head).

6. Macroair Technologies
Aeratron Gearless Fans
September 2016 

MacroAir Technologies distributes Aeratron North America's small, gearless fans for commercial and residential applications. The fans are available in two models: AE2 (two blades) and AE3 (three blades), and three sizes: 43 inches, 50 inches and 60 inches. They are produced in Light Oak, Dark Walnut, Platinum, Midnight Black and Arctic White. The Energy Star-rated fans come with a remote control with six speeds, reverse functionality and light control.

7. Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc.
SMACNA Series Gutter Systems
January 2016 

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc.'s SMACNA Series Gutter Systems are listed in the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association Manual. The heavy-gauge aluminum gutter systems are an extension of the Industrial Series Gutter Systems, which have heavy-duty interior brackets and optional exposed support brackets to withstand heavy snow and ice conditions. SMACNA Series Gutter Systems are available in 56 standard Kynar colors and custom PVDF colors.

8. Steelscape LLC
Composites with Twilight Black Print Pre-painted Coil
February 2016 

Steelscape's Composite with Twilight Black print is a tri-color, layered flexographic printed pre-painted coil with the appearance of an asphalt finish. The Composite with Twilight Black print meets industry standards for adhesion and formability complying with ASTM 5402, ASTM 3359 and ASTM 4145. Composite prints are available in 22-, 26- and 24-gauge, and six color prints.

9. Dow Building Solutions
Thermax Xarmor
May 2016 

Dow Building Solutions' THERMAX XARMOR exterior insulation is available with a dark exterior facer for rainscreen applications. THERMAX XARMOR functions as an insulation, water-resistant barrier and air barrier. It is designed for use in the THERMAX Wall System, comprised of LIQUIDARMOR flashing, sealant and STYROFOAM spray polyurethane foam.

10. Firestone Building Solutions
CLAD-GARD SA-FR Roof Underlayment
September 2016 

Firestone Building Products' CLAD-GARD SA-FR roof underlayment with Core-Gard is a single-layer, self-adhered, waterproof, UL Class A roof underlayment. Primer is not required in temperatures higher than 40 F. It is covered by Firestone Building Products' Red Shield Warranty.

11. Green American Home
Great American Steel Shakes
August 2016

Green American Home's Great American Steel Shakes are 12- by 24-inch interlocking panels with hidden fasteners. Great American Steel Shakes have integral airspaces that function as thermal breaks. The panels have multilayer PVDF finishes and multihued colors for a natural appearance. Multiple accessories are available including starters, drip edges, gable, valleys, hip, ridges and wall flashings.

12. Major Industries
IlluminPC Wall System
May 2016

Major Industries' IlluminPC wall system features aluminum framing and 40-mm polycarbonate multi-wall panels. Polycarbonate multi-wall glazing material has built-in light diffusion, thermal performance and a tongue-and-groove design that snaps together. IlluminPC provides panel U-factors of 0.19, multiple color options and control of light transmission.

13. PS Doors
Slidewise Roof Hatch
June 2016

PS Door's Slidewise Roof Hatch slides open horizontally and is designed to be unaffected by the wind gusts so the hatch panel does not slam open or closed. Slidewise Roof Hatch has a full-perimeter EPDM weather seal, low profile and aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware. Additional options are available including an OSHA-compliant safety railing system with a self-closing gate.

14. Valspar Corp.
Fluropon Effects Nova Line
February 2016

Valspar's Fluropon Effects Nova line of 70 percent PVDF coatings is available for coil and extrusion applications. The coatings can be matched with many colors, including neutrals, bright colors, pastels, whites and black with a gold or silver sparkle finish. They may be used for aluminum extrusions, mullions, soffits, fascia, aluminum-framed windows, entrances, skylights, curtainwalls, metal roofing systems, and composite and insulated metal wall panel systems. The finishes meet standards of AAMA 620, 621 and 2605-13.

15. Haiku Home, a division of Big Ass Fans
Haiku L-Series Fan
February 2016

Haiku Home's 52-inch Haiku L-Series fan and wall controller features a built-in LED with 16 brightness settings. The Energy Star-rated fan is available in black or white finish. It's designed for residential and commercial interiors, and for covered outdoor spaces. Automatic speed adjustments and other features are available with the Haiku wall control.

16. GAF North America
ThermaCal Exterior Wall Insulation Panels
November 2016

CavityComplete Wall System for steel stud with masonry veneer is a warranted assembly with components from five companies. The masonry cavity wall system is designed to provide thermal efficiency, continuous insulation, air and water management, vapor resistance and brick ties. Components were tested together to produce systemized codes and standards compliance data.

17. Linetec
Thermal Break System
April 2016

Linetec offers thermal improvement services for curved and radial finished aluminum extrusions for window, skylight, curtainwall, storefront and entrance systems. They include a full pour-and-debridge of radius material (structural and non-structural) and a crimped thermal strut system. Stress on the thermal barrier is minimized by installing it in the metal after it is curved. Performance and warranties are maintained when the extrusions are finished after curving.

18. Metal Benderz LLC
Floor Trusses
September 2016

Metal Benderz' floor trusses are 3-D, BIM-designed and are capable of longer spans than traditional wood floor joists and trusses. Metal Benderz' floor and roof trusses are pre-engineered to maximize structural stability and enable long, clear spans for flexible, open-floor building plans.

19. Metl-Span
Insulated Metal Wall Panels
April 2016

Metl-Span's Architectural Insulated Metal Wall Panels (IMPs) create a flush appearance and are installed vertically or horizontally with concealed clips and fasteners in the side joints. Exterior facings include stucco embossed, G-90 galvanized and AZ-50 aluminum-zinc coated steel in 22-gauge. Interior facings include stucco embossed, G-90 galvanized and AZ-50 aluminum- zinc coated steel in 26-gauge, 24-gauge and 22-gauge.

20. Therm-All Inc.
MaxTight Air Barrier Insulation System
September 2016

Therm-All Inc.'s MaxTight air barrier insulation system for metal buildings consists of a vapor barrier, at least one layer of fiberglass and a continuous air barrier. It is compatible with a variety of applications including single-layer metal building applications, double-layer sag-and-bag applications, double-layer long-tab banded applications and double-layer High-R Liner System applications. MaxTight is installed in the thermal envelope; trade workers don't poke holes in it as they might in exposed vapor barriers.

21. All Weather Insulated Panels
SR2 Standing Seam Roof System
May 2016

All Weather Insulated Panels' SR2 Standing Seam Roof Panels feature 26-gauge G-90 galvanized steel surfaces with standard PVDF and SMP exterior coatings. Trapezoidal ribs provide strength for foot traffic and hidden fastener joinery provides weather protection. SR2 Standing Seam Roof Panels have the appearance of traditional standing seam with the benefits of insulated metal panels. Optional factory caulked seams are available.

Intercept Modular Metal Panel Systems
March 2016

CENTRIA's Intercept Modular Metal Panel Systems can be configured as formed corners, wing walls, soffits, fascias and curved radial wall sections. Panels can be custom fabricated for variations in size and shape. They are produced with pre-painted, light-gauge aluminum or natural finish metal, and create contemporary aesthetics. Intercept Modular Metal Panel Systems require minimal maintenance and have a long life cycle.

23. Chicago Metal Supply
Commercial Gutters
November 2016

Chicago Metal Supply's commercial gutters are pre-pitched with a flange. They are seamless past 26 feet long, which results in few catching points for water and debris to cause future gutter failure. The gutters are produced in galvanized, prefinished Kynar and copper. Chicago Metal Supply's residential gutters are available in half-round or K-style in aluminum, galvanized, copper and prefinished Kynar material.

24. Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp.
T2630 Panel
March 2016

Metal Sales Manufacturing's T2630 Panel is an exposed fastener metal panel used for roof applications and vertically or horizontally installed for wall applications. The panels may be curved or perforated. Trapezoidal ribs may be used to create patterns, shapes and shadow lines. The T2630 Panel is produced in stainless steel, copper or aluminum. All Metal Sales' panel colors are listed with Energy Star.

25. Owens Corning
CavityComplete Wall System
November 2016

CavityComplete Wall System for steel stud with masonry veneer is a warranted assembly with components from five companies. The masonry cavity wall system is designed to provide thermal efficiency, continuous insulation, air and water management, vapor resistance and brick ties. Components were tested together to produce systemized codes and standards compliance data.

26. Rytec Corp.
Tinted Windows for Spiral FV Roll-up Doors
June 2016

Rytec Corp.'s tinted windows with Lexan sheets for its Spiral FV roll-up doors are designed to be UV resistant, graffiti resistant and more scratch resistant than polycarbonate and acrylic. Rytec offers Lexan sheets incorporated with MARGARD coating as a standard feature for its Spiral FV doors. Adding optional bronze-tinted and grey-tinted Lexan sheets in Spiral FV doors produces smooth door appearances and reduces interior solar heat gain.

27. Solatube International Inc.
Daylight Dimmer
January 2016

Solatube International's Daylight Dimmer for its SkyVault Series features a butterfly baffle for even light distribution throughout the space, reduced flares when opening and closing, and near blackout when fully closed. The daylighting system for high-bay commercial applications is lined with Spectralight Infinity material to maximize light transfer when open. It may be installed in manufacturing facilities, convention centers and gymnasiums.

28. Tubelight Inc.
900RW Series Ribbon Windows
July 2016

Tubelite Inc.'s 900RW Series ribbon windows are available with single and dual poured-and-debridged thermal break options for appropriate thermal performance levels. The 900RW Series 2 1/4-inch-wide thermal framing is available in depths of 4 1/2 or 6 inches. Glass is positioned at the exterior of the frame and installed from the interior side. Options are available for slab edge covers. The 900RW Series ribbon windows are part of the Therml=Block product line and may be specified as part of a complete entrance, storefront and curtainwall system.

29. YKK AP America Inc.
YCW 750 XT IG Curtain Wall Systems
May 2016

YKK AP America's YCW 750 XT IG thermally broken curtainwall system utilizes integral face covers, Mega-Therm thermal struts and 1-inch insulating glass units. Dual finish and two-sided structural silicone glazing are standard features. YCW 750 XT IG, part of the enerGfacade product line, produces overall system U-factors as low as 0.3.