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The Halo Warehouse

AWIP provides solutions for unique branding opportunity

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A combination of the right building components and flat insulated metal panels (IMPs) from All Weather Insulated Panels of Vacaville, Calif., created an innovative and eye-catching branding opportunity for the Wonderful Co. of Delano, Calif.

A renowned citrus producer, Wonderful, grows, packages and ships its Halo brand of Clementine mandarins around the world. These fruits are known by their unique blue rectangle boxes, making them easy to spot in the grocery produce section.

Delano, which is in the heart of California’s citrus belt, sits next to Highway 99 that runs from Los Angeles to Sacramento through the scenic agricultural landscapes of the vast Central Valley. California has discouraged billboards next to its highways, so a dry goods warehouse became a wonderful—excuse the pun—opportunity to advertise the company’s popular brand.

Plans called for a rectangular warehouse with walls up to 85 feet high. Furthermore, the panels had to be extremely flat, and in their application had to show no seams. After panel installation, Mylar sheets would cover the AWIP panels to replicate on a large scale the company’s Halos in-store cardboard packaging.

Under the guise of Hansen Cold Storage Construction, Vernon, Calif., and Wallace & Smith General Contractors, Bakersfield, Calif., it was decided that 3-inch-thick FL40 (flat wall) IMPs from All Weather Insulated Panels would meet the job’s requirements. The span capabilities of the FL40, its rigidity and ease of construction accounted for the selection. Hansen Cold Storage Construction was selected for this project due to the company’s expertise and knowledge of IMP construction.


AWIP’s FL40 insulated metal panels are produced with a flat exterior face, making them the perfect solution for designers seeking a high-end architectural look. It also has thermal benefits that include an R-value up to 24, depending on its thickness.

AWIP personnel were on-site to ensure that custom-designed stack joints were fitted to allow panels to fit smoothly over the entire exterior of the building.

In all, the FL40 panels cover 35,000 square feet of the Wonderful’s warehouse, which now is considered one of the largest product brandings in the state.

“No other type of building could have gone up this quickly and provided the surface that is more than 80 feet tall and offers that sleek, smooth surface,” says Conor Lowery, vice president of cold storage sales for AWIP. “The FL40 panel was the perfect fit for this unique application.”

This part of the valley is rather flat, enabling the building to be seen several miles away. As cars approach, it looks as if a friendly giant left a box of Halos behind, thanks to the custom-cut FL40 panels at the top of the warehouse that give the look of Clementines stacked in the box.

“The key was every surface had to be flat and smooth,” Lowery continues. “They field-cut our panels for that rounding at the top. The Mylar is very thin, so there could be no ridges or edges that could possibly tear the material during its application. The custom stack joints removed any flashings from protruding out from the building plane. Every panel, trim and flashing had to be manufactured and installed perfectly.”

That’s branding made possible by a singular building component that puts visual versatility and energy efficiency in the hands of designers and architects.

Ted Johnson is the marketing strategist for All Weather Insulated Panels, Vacaville, Calif. For more information on this development and all AWIP products, visit