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A Brighter Future

As President Obama was publicly sworn in for his second term in office, we take this moment to reflect on the past four years and what we hope for the next four years. While his official State of the Union address isn't for another few weeks, the president laid out his vision for his second term in office during his inauguration speech.

Similarly, by looking at the past we are able to make predictions for the future. In this month's State of the Metal Construction Industry Report, Editorial Director Paul Deffenbaugh spoke to several industry leaders to get their take on where the industry currently stands and where its headed in the future. The consensus is that while things are starting to look brighter, there are still challenges ahead.

Construction spending is expected to grow this upcoming year, with construction spending forecasted to increase 7.5 percent. Also expected to continue to grow this year is the residential market, with metal hopefully increasing in the reroof and renovation market segments.

Click here to read more on the industry leader's takes on green building, capital spending, employment, technology and more.

Also in this issue, Senior Editor Mark Robins takes a look at the largest planned net zero energy community in the United States, the University of California's Davis West Village in Sacramento, Calif. Situated on 205 acres, the community is made up of 662 apartments and 343 single-family homes, in addition to commercial and recreational facilities. To read more about this net zero community, click here.

Sustainability is also the theme in this month's Green Scene, where Deffenbaugh explores the new Via Verde development in New York City. The building, which wraps around an awkwardly shaped plot, is made up of three sections that house a total of 222 affordable housing apartments in low-rise townhouses, mid-rise duplexes and a 20-story tower. Click here to read more about this unique project.


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