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A Time to Reflect


As the calendar turns to December and the year winds down, now is the time many people take a moment to reflect on the past 12 months. Looking back, I am reminded of the ups and downs of having an unemployed spouse for the first few months of this year, and the struggles we have had even as he found a new job. Much of what we experienced this year is the same as many of our friends and relatives and, as I'm sure, many of you. And while the economy has not yet picked up as much as we may have hoped, it does look like it's starting to head in the right direction, with unemployment slowly starting to turn around.

On a lighter note, I am also able to look back at the trips I took this year to trade shows and association meetings, where I had the opportunity to meet many of the readers and manufacturers who help make this magazine what it is. I look forward to meeting more of you in the next year.

While on the topic of reflection, we take a moment to remember the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001 with this month's Top Honors. To commemorate the anniversary, the San Francisco Opera debuted a newly commissioned opera, "Heart of a Solder," that tells the story of one of the many heroes of that tragic day. See how LiteSteel Technologies America LLC's LiteSteel beam was used to create the Twin Towers as part of the set design for this show.

Also this month, we look at some of the unique uses of metal products on building exteriors. Click here to check out some very distinctive façades on everything from a city hall building to a college residence tower. From exploring exciting applications on the exterior of buildings, we move inside to explore the many uses of metal mesh as an interior application. Check out this months' Green Scene article, "Mix and Mesh" here.

As you take time this month to sit back and reflect, remember that even though we all experience ups and downs in our personal and professional lives, it's the challenges in our lives that make us stronger, and drive us to do better in the future.

See you next year.



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