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Innovation drives advancements. In the architectural and construction industry, innovations in the form of new products, new processes and new technology drive the future. It is the quest to do better—and be better—that drives us to continue to research and test and find new ways to do things. Or make things. Or measure things. As we continue to develop and strive toward a better future for us, our children and future generations, it is the people and the work that came before that supports these goals.

This constantly evolving landscape creates changes across all aspects of an industry. At last month’s Greenbuild, the U.S. Green Building Council announced what’s next for LEED, revealing the newest version, LEED v4.1. This new version is being seen as an evolution for the rating system, using the existing credit requirements as a foundation, while using new strategies and technologies to provide projects with new options to meet requirements.

In this month’s Special Feature, “Catching up with Current Coil Coatings,” we see where innovation and new developments have taken the coil coating industry. While coil coatings may have been simple commodities in the past, they are now highly engineered, specialized products that can be formed into many shapes and angles for diverse applications. Advancements in performance and new trends have led to expanded building options for architects when it comes to coil coatings. 

Often in architecture, a project’s location is a driving factor in what the final building looks like. From the site’s terrain to its surroundings, and its geographical location, there are many factors involved in designing buildings. Add on the wishes of the owner, and architects have a tough job trying to make everything work together and keep everyone happy. In this month’s Building Profile, "Pure Texas," we see how Craig McMahon, AIA, of Craig McMahon Architects designed a weekend retreat in the rough-hewn Texas hill country. Drawing upon the needs of the owners and the site, the building design had many driving factors.

Join us as we continue to explore the advancements and progress made in our industry.


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