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Communication is Key


In the publishing industry, as with all industries, communication is key. It needs to be open and flowing continually between publishers and editors, editors and writers and-especially-writers and their sources. When communication breaks down, things get a little crazy. And no one likes to be in a situation where they don't know what is going on, who's supposed to do what and what the final outcome will be. From start to finish on an issue, there is a ton of information that comes together every month. This information is checked, double checked and even triple checked by multiple people to ensure that no mistakes happen. Everyone knows that when an error is made, everyone sees that instead of the thousands of other things that were done correctly. The same is true in your business.

In the architectural industry, it is especially important to keep open communication lines between the architect, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and more. One way to do that is through architectural software that helps architects communicate effectively with contractors and engineers. To learn how software is making communication easier for everyone involved in a project, click here.

One project in which communication was key and architectural software aided in the process is the new addition to the ZAHNER headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. Click here to learn more about this very unique project.

Also in this issue, read about how a 40-acre college campus south of Atlanta that has been vacant since 1986 has been has been transformed into the headquarters and training academy for the Georgia Department of Corrections. And don't forget to check out the article on designing a building with daylighting in mind, straight from the manufacturers themselves.


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