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Every month, the projects that grace the pages of this magazine use metal in unique and different ways. Some stand out for the way they push the boundaries of design and feature metal in new and unexpected ways. Others may look ordinary at first glance, but stand out for their clean and concise design, fabrication and installation. There are many projects showcased in the pages of this magazine each year, and once a year, we get the opportunity to honor the best of the best.

This year's winners of the Metal Architecture Design Awards span the spectrum of cool and unusual projects. There are two wineries, a church, an ER and even a piece of hanging artwork at the Mall of America among the winners.

The Design Award contest also proves to be a good indication of how the economy has been improving over recent years, as the number of submissions has steadily increased. This year, our judges--Mark Dewalt, Mark Horton and Gabriel Wilcox--had a tough task ahead of them as they looked through and selected the winning entries from approximately 180 submissions.

As always, I am intrigued by the assortment of entries we receive each year. One of my favorite things is to look through all of the projects and see how architects and designers are pushing the boundaries of design with metal products. From a weathered copper skin on a church expansion to pieces of rods being used as artwork at a major shopping mall, the variety of entries and winners never cease to amaze me.

Be sure to check out this year's winners.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a project for this year's contest. Continue to showcase metal in your projects, and we look forward to seeing a new batch of entries next year.

In the meantime, congratulations to this year's winners.


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