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Down the street from our office, a new building is being built with insulated metal panels (IMPs). The next time you pass by a construction site, you might spot them too. Use of IMPs is set to increase in 2018 at a rate that outpaces total nonresidential construction growth. That’s according to Zacks Equity Research's report on the status of NCI Building Systems Inc.’s business for the year. IMPs’ energy-efficient attributes and a trend of increasingly stringent building codes in the U.S. were cited as key drivers of their growing presence in construction projects.

The IMP market can be organized in four segments, according to Transparency Market Research's report about their future: commercial/industrial projects, architectural applications, cold-storage facilities and roofing projects. While commercial/industrial projects make up the bulk of IMP use, cold-storage buildings are picking up momentum and are expected to continue growing the market in the next 10 years.


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