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LEED and the LBC

Earlier this month, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced it will now recognize the water and energy requirements of the International Living Future Institute's (ILFI) Living Building Challenge (LBC) for projects seeking LEED certification.

In a press release announcing the move, Scot Horst, USGBC chief product officer, said the USGBC and LBC share a common commitment and goal to transform the way buildings are design, built and operated. "The [LBC] plays an important role on the green building performance curve and is a complement to LEED," he added.

This is a huge effort by the USGBC to eliminate competition and streamline the certification process between the two programs. In an era where green building is increasing and becoming more of the norm, and the boundaries of what can be done are constantly being pushed, making the LBC's water and energy requirements technically equivalent to those in LEED takes out unnecessary work on owners and architects trying to achieve both certifications.

As more and more buildings are starting to move towards net zero, the USGBC and ILFI working together will only make things easier down the line.

What are your thoughts on this move? Will this make you more willing to go after Living Building status if some of the requirements are the same? Let us know in the comments.


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