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Plan Your Plans Carefully


We recently completed our 2012 editorial calendar. (Check out MCN here and MA here.) If we learned anything from this, it was that planning six months in advance forces you to resolve short-term details. It is the same for any company.

We all know successful businesses rely heavily on sound planning so they can meet their goals. Without a good plan, most companies would wander aimlessly and be less likely to achieve success.

Our magazine is the same way. We look at a whole year's worth of topics and potential subjects, argue the pros and cons of each, rank the most important topics, throw some of those away and then introduce new subjects. Does this process sound familiar to you?

I think that without the aid of a crystal ball, planning is just what most people think it is-the best attempt to predict the future. Sure, weather forecasters are expected to be accurate 99 percent of the time, but most of us would say their success is closer to 50 percent to 70 percent at best. Too many factors affect the outcome. The same probably goes for your business.

We look at our editorial planning as the best way to present industry news, and report the technical and business information that you want to read. We look at important topics and ask ourselves tough questions about them. Is this still important? Is there anything new to look at? Is this issue affecting the way our readers do business now and potentially in the next six to 24 months?

We use industry experience and knowledge to cover this industry the best way we can. If you have any comments about how we are doing this, good or bad, please e-mail me at


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