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Products are the basis for every project an architect completes. From the steel used to frame a building to the lights and flooring, products are an essential component of the building and construction process.

Throughout the pages of the magazines, we are constantly focusing on products. From noting the products that make up all of the different projects we feature monthly to the product-focused case studies, to the new products and product catalogs in the back of each issue, we know that products are an important part of the design process. Even the guest column this month focuses on using a product--expanded metal sunshades--as a daylighting device to minimize solar heat gain.

For the past three years now, we've been tracking the products that you, our readers, are the most interested in and request additional information about. And each year, we let you know what products have received the most interest in our Readers' Choice Awards. This year, there is a bit of a change in the types of products that received the most interest compared to previous years. In the past, interest has been concentrated on products dealing with energy conservation and photovoltaics. This year, the interest from readers has been on more workman-like products, everything from fasteners to underlayment, insulation and metal roofing panels. Check out the top 25 products from this past year here.

Also this month, we have our annual preview of the American Institute of Architect's annual convention and design expo, taking place May 19-21 in Philadelphia. Click here to find out what to expect while exploring the City of Brotherly Love, and see some recommendations for seminars to sit in on.

And be sure to check out all of the different projects featured this month. Read all about the Vancouver Aquarium's recently unveiled $45 million renovation and expansion, the largest of its history. Then read all about the design for the new Dunbar High School in Washington, D.C., the highest ranked LEED Platinum BD+C: Schools v3-2009 project worldwide.


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