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Raising the Bar

Each year, the judges for the Metal Architecture Design Awards take note of the caliber of the projects submitted. This year, one of the judges acknowledged that we had received an impressive collection of projects, including two that had received national honor awards already.

This year, the projects ranged from the usual office buildings and retail shops, to a number of breweries and fire stations, and, we even received a project submission from a firm in Japan. The judges had a spirited discussion, going over each of the project's merits before deciding on the winners. The conversation ranged on a project's craftsmanship and quality of work, to its architectural expression and the use of materials.

At the end though, there were a handful of projects that stood out to our three judges in each of the categories, as well as two they felt deserving of Judges Awards. From a private observatory to a restaurant, a research laboratory and two school projects from the same architect, the winning projects stood out for being simple and direct, both in their use of materials and their overall architectural forms.

Thank you to our three judges, Kathryn Crockett, AIA, LEED AP, vice president of Lamoureux Pagano Associates Inc. in Worcester, Mass., Paul Mankins, FAIA, LEED AP, founding partner of Des Moines, Iowa-based substancearchitecture, and Vladimir Radutny, AIA, LEED AP, principal of Chicago-based Vladimir Radutny Architects, who took time out of their busy schedules to review all of the submissions and offer their thoughts and insights before choosing the winners.

Congratulations to the 2016 Metal Architecture Design Award winners. Head here to dive into the stories behind this year's winning projects.


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