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Even the word sounds strong. Resilience: the ability to recover from misfortune or change.

These past two weeks, ABC has been touting the return of Robin Roberts to Good Morning America. Right now, Robin is the pinnacle of resilience, as she returned to work exactly five months after undergoing a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare blood disorder. Her recovery over the last several months, which has been documented by ABC, proves just how resilient people can be.

And while people have an incredible ability to be resilient, companies and industries also have the same ability.

Earlier this month, I was able to witness resilience first hand while attending the International Roofing Expo in San Antonio. Even though the recent economic problems have caused trepidation in the building and construction industry, signs of recovery were evident at the show. Over the past several years, the show has increased in the number of companies exhibiting and the booths that have been filled.

In this month's issue, we are witnesses to the resiliency of the metal construction industry as we take a look at the results of the 27th Annual Metal Architecture Architects Survey. While 2012 started to show signs of the economy finally starting to turn around, architects remain optimistic about the future. We look at how architects who responded to our survey are planning on specifying metal roofing, metal wall panels, metal framing systems and metal building systems. We also look at how architects responded to industry trends, including green building, photovoltaics and cool metal roofs.

Also this month, we introduce a new quarterly column, Architect's Voice, written by an architect involved in the industry. Check out the first column written by Mark Horton, principal of Mark Horton Architecture, San Francisco.


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