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Earlier this year, we ran a feature called “My Best Use of Metal” where architects submitted projects they had worked on that best exemplified their favorite use of metal. We received so many submissions we were unable to run them all, and have started running the section as a column.

Starting with the January 2018 issue, My Best Use of Metal will become a recurring column in every other issue of Metal Architecture. And, in keeping with the theme, we are asking architects and designers to send us their favorite projects that showcase metal in new and unique ways.

To submit a project for inclusion in the section, please send an email at, and including one or two high-res photos along with a 300- to 500-word write-up about the project and why its your best use of metal. 

We will showcase as many projects as we can a month, and will continue featuring projects throughout the year. 

Contact me at if you have any questions or to submit your project.


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