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The architecture industry ranges far and wide. From residential to industrial to educational, architects have a hand in just about every building there is. And while we cover the majority of these industries regularly in the magazine, the one that we see the least of is agriculture. The agricultural industry is one that is essential to the economy, and one in which pre-engineered metal buildings are a perfect fit. The customization available with a pre-engineered metal building, along with its long spans and efficient construction time, allows architects and owners to work together to create the perfect solution. Whether it’s a dairy farm or a grain storage facility, the agriculture industry is always moving and changing. See how metal buildings can fit the needs for the modern agricultural industry in our Special Feature.

From agricultural buildings, we take a closer to look at the Eleanor Boathouse in Chicago’s Park 571. Designed by Chicago-based Studio Gang Architects, the 19,000-square-foot, two-building boathouse creates a crucial access point along the edge of the Chicago River. The unique design of the facility incorporates two alternating roof trusses that were influenced by the rhythm and motion of rowing.

In last month’s Constructive Insights, Alan Scott enlisted Kristy Kwong to help explore the importance of material compatibility in enclosure design. This month, both are back to take a deeper look at the application of using building science to inform enclosure design and specifications.


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