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April MA Product Catalog- Skylights and Daylighting

Major Industries Inc. Guardian 275 translucent panel daylighting systems provide energy-saving, glarefree natural light while offering enhanced thermal performance, standard moisture management systems and industry-long warranties. From custom wall systems and skylights to canopies, mixed glazed systems, and hurricane and blast configurations, Guardian 275 is a versatile and eye-catching daylighting solution.

Bay Insulation Bay Insulation's Baylight Prismatic Skylight has the highest tested lighting performance of any domed skylight system in the market. The Baylight dome shape maximizes lighting performance at low sun angles, extending lighting performance more hours of the day.

OpenAire The Aqua Sferra water park is enclosed with the largest all-aluminum freestanding retractable dome ever constructed. The dome was designed, manufactured and installed by OpenAire of Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Powered by 16 motors and riding on 432 wheels over 587 meters of track, the massive roof opens in less than 10 minutes bathing the guests of Aqua Sferra with fresh air and sunshine on beautiful sunny days, and providing a comfortable enclosed environment on cold and rainy days.