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238T Panel System

ABC 238T panel systemArchitectural Building Components has found a new way to minimize the opportunity for rook leaks. In addition to the 238T Panel System's superior weather-tight installation benefits and wind uplift resistance, the two piece symmetrical panel and seam cap design also allows for a seamless pitch transition. When two slopes meet, an apron flashing is typically required between the two roof planes. This creates two end laps on the roof and with it, several new opportunities for water penetration. A single 238T panel can be used to bridge the slope transition, eliminating the need for additional materials. A qualified installer can complete this process by crimping the seam while gradually bending the panel before installation. This innovation allows a roof to transition from 6/12 to 3/12 in one continuous panel. This not only creates a more watertight roof system, but also a seamless, clean look that is much more aesthetically pleasing for owners or architects.