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Cambridge Architectural's Alliance3, Diamond, Mid-Shade, Hashtag and Treo mesh

Five stainless steel mesh patterns were released by Cambridge Architectural. Alliance3, Diamond and Mid-Shade are flexible mesh designs and Hashtag and Treo are rigid mesh. The new patterns can be mounted in-tension using Cambridge attachment systems. Alliance3 is horizontally configured, has a 65 percent open area and may be used for façade, daylighting and solar-shading applications. Diamond has a 65 percent open area and a maximum width of 240 inches. Mid-Shade, for solar shading, is an intermediate option to Cambridge's Shade and Mid- Balance mesh patterns in terms of open area, weight and cost per square foot. Treo has a vertical flat-bar design that creates a grid-like pattern over larger areas. Hashtag features an offset cross-hatch design with flattened rod details for light reflectivity.