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Coatings, Paints and Finishes - February 2019

Coatings, paints and finishes featured in Metal Architecture's February 2019 issue.

APV’s NeverFade façade restoration coatings for architectural metal applications are a line of primer and topcoat systems. The coatings are available in water-based formulations with Kynar Aquatec, and solvent-based formulations with Kynar PVDF. They resist UV degradation, abrasion, corrosion, mold growth, dirt, staining and chalking. NeverFade façade restoration coatings can be used on carbon steel, stainless steel, bare aluminum, anodized aluminum, metal wall panels, window framing, door frames, metal roofs, railings and overhangs.

PPG’s Durastar industrial spray coating is a one-coat application for extruded aluminum building products and components. It is composed of a polyester resin and is applied direct-to-metal or over a primer. The spray coating provides corrosion resistance, color fastness and chalk-, scratch- and mar-resistance. PPG Durastar spray coating is available in a wide range of solid colors gloss levels.

SSAB’s GreenCoat Pro coated steel sheets and coils have a durable, two-layer, polyester-based coating. The 36-micrometer-thick coil coating is produced with bio-based technology (BT), in which a substantial portion of fossil fuel is replaced by Swedish rapeseed oil, reducing the products’ environmental impact. GreenCoat Pro BT products can be used for profiled steel sheet roof tiles and standing seam sheets. Additionally, they can be used for wall panels, protective flashings and tinsmith applications in combination with the formable steel grades PLX and FAP.

Valentus’ VSC 1100 Primer and VSC 1200 Topcoat are resin-based industrial maintenance coatings. They provide chemical resistance to acids, bases, organic solvents and hydraulic fluids for steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, concrete walls and concrete flooring. VSC 1100 Primer and VSC 1200 Topcoat have a long workable pot life (4 hours at 77 F) and short dry time. Applications include metal buildings, structural steel, railings, bridges, conveyors, motors, pumps, steel piping and storage tank exteriors.