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Coil Coatings - July 2018

Coil coatings featured in Metal Architecture's July 2018 issue.

Dura Coat Products’ Durapon 70 PVDF coating is acrylic resin blended with 70 percent fluorocarbon resin. Cool Roof pigments deflect ultraviolet light and retain colors. Medium gloss and low gloss options are available, and the coil coating can be produced for thick film applications. Durapon 70 complies with the Cool Roof Rating Council, Energy Star and LEED standards.

PPG’s Durabrite coil coatings can be clear or tinted. The fluoropolymer coatings are one coat and enhance the reflectivity and depth of brushed aluminum, anodized metals and natural metals. They are applied direct to aluminum for composite wall panels and aluminum sheets. Fluoropolymers are UV resistant, and the coatings also resist chalking and fading. Durabrite coatings are produced in a variety of colors including bronzes, coppers, golds, brass and zinc.

Sherwin-Williams Coil and Extrusion Coatings’ Fluropon coil coatings are fluoropolymer coatings containing 70 percent polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resins. The exterior finishes for metal building products resist ultraviolet rays, retain colors, resist chalking and chemical degradation. Fluropon coatings are produced in standard, pearlescent and sparkling colors in several lines including Fluropon Effects Nova, Rustica and Kameleon.

SSAB’s GreenCoat Pural coated steel sheets and coils for roofing applications have a weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant coating. GreenCoat Pural BT products have a slightly textured surface that protects against mechanical wear. The two-layer, 50-micrometer-thick coil coating is produced with bio-based technology (BT), in which a substantial portion of fossil fuel is replaced by Swedish rapeseed oil, reducing the products’ environmental impact. In addition to roof panels, GreenCoat Pural BT can be used for wall panels and protective flashings. The coated sheets and coils are available in gloss and matte finishes, and in a variety of colors.