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Curtainwalls - March 2019

Curtainwalls featured in Metal Architecture's March 2019 issue.

CRL-U.S. Aluminum’s Series 4500 SSG Unit-Glazed Window Wall features double thermal technology that meets building codes. Optional slab edge covers produce curtainwall visuals, and structural silicone glazing offers clean sightlines. The factory-assembled Series 4500 SSG Unit-Glazed Window Wall accommodates 1-inch glazing.

EXTECH’s 3400 LIGHTWALL curtainwall system accepts both insulated glass units (IGUs) and cellular polycarbonate glazing (CPG) panels in the same extruded aluminum, thermally broken, framing system. It features deep glazing pockets, low-friction gaskets and controlled gasket pressure that allow for thermal movement of polycarbonate and provide water and air infiltration resistance. Its 3-inch-wide extruded aluminum framing is thermally broken to help maintain interior temperatures and contribute to reducing HVAC loads.

Kalwall’s Unitized Curtainwalls feature a translucent, structural sandwich panel that uses prismatic glass fibers embedded in panel face sheets. The glass prisms refract sunlight to provide a balanced, diffused wash of glare-free light. Kalwall provides full spectrum, natural visible light, without distorting color rendition. During the manufacturing process, panels are fitted with translucent insulation to reduce solar heat gain. In addition to translucent wall panels, fixed and operable windows, opaque panels and fixed louvers for single or multistory applications can be integrated.

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope’s Reliance curtainwall is a thermally broken, zone-glazed, pressure-equalized system. It is available with captured and structural, silicone-glazed, vertical mullions with multiple system depths and glazing infill options. Zone glazing provides air performance and water control. Two infill options are a 1-inch infill system with snap-in adaptors to accommodate 1/4-inch infill for spandrel applications, and a 1/4-inch infill system for maximum utility and versatility. These two infill options have structural, silicone-glazed, vertical options for two-sided applications.

Tubelite’s 400 Series Curtainwall system has a sightline of 2 1/2 inches and the strength of variable-depth back-members from 3 3/8 inches to 8 inches. An exterior screw-applied pressure bar secures the glass. Snap-on covers are available in a wide range of colors for different finishes on interior and exterior exposed surfaces. Additionally, silicone-glazed verticals are available for a seamless appearance. The standard infill option is 1 inch (25.4-mm); other infills are available. Captured and SSG inside and outside corners are offered, as are optional deep profile and bull nose covers.

YKK AP America’s YUW 750 TU unitized wall system has a 2 1/2-inch sightline and four-side structural silicone glazing. Its pour and de-bridged thermal barrier minimizes heat transfer. The system has 90-degree inside and outside corners, and three-way adjustable curtainwall anchors. YUW 750 TU’s two-piece head design provides square cuts for horizontal members in lieu of notching.