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Fasteners - December 2017

Fasteners featured in Metal Architecture's December 2017 issue.

Dynamic Fastener’s 14-20 by 1 1/2-inch Fenderhead T-5 has a built-in fender washer-like face under the head. The 5/8-inch outside diameter (OD) washer face provides pullover strength. It also creates additional bearing area compared to a 7/16-inch OD washer face. The fastener’s stout head height eliminates wobble and transfers screw-gun torque efficiently to the screw’s drill tip. It can self-drill through 5/8-inch-thick steel and is offered in seven lengths: 1 1/2-, 2 1/4-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 8-inch. All Fenderhead fasteners have Dyna-Coat 1,000-hour salt spray coating.

Leland’s Mini Drill Point is featured on the company’s Hex Washer Head Mini-Drill Point Master Grippers and Truss Head Mini-Drill Point Master Grippers. They attach metal panels to light-steel girt, purlin and wood. The #10 diameter fasteners are available in lengths 1 inch to 4 inches. The low-profile #12 Truss head is well-suited for exposed-fastener residential roofing. The fasteners’ high hex washer heads drill and tap to 16-gauge-thick metal. Their drilling capability eliminates dimpled panels.

Levi’s ProZSD self-drilling screws have zinc-aluminum alloy caps that do not cause red rust. They also have EPDM washer heads to reduce overdriving. The fasteners fit securely, form a weathertight seal and withstand installation conditions. ProZSD self-drilling screws are offered in #3, #5 and stitch drill points. They are compatible with all panel finishes.

ST Fastening Systems’ WOODBINDER ZXL fasteners have molded (not capped) ZAMAC 5 zinc-aluminum alloy heads, which provide lifetime protection against red rust on the heads. They have EPDM rubber washers that fit into cavities under the molded heads to prevent washer over-driving. WOODBINDER ZXL fasteners also have a MB micro-bit point. The point drills steel panels consistently, generates small metal chips and eliminates pig-tails common with sharp point screws.

Triangle Fastener’s Base Angle Attachment Kit fastens 600 feet of steel base angle to concrete floors. The kit has 5/16-inch-diameter, threaded concrete screws to secure base angles. Large diameter washer faces increase pullover strength and resistance to back-out. Additionally, the screws are coated for corrosion resistance.