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Firestone Building Products' UltraPly TPO

FirestoneFirestone Building Products' UltraPly TPO custom accessory program offers Ultra-Ply TPO Pipe Boots and Curb Flashings, available in white, tan or grey. Custom Pipe Boots are available in round, square and conical configurations to provide flexibility to meet project flashing needs. Produced from 45-mil reinforced UltraPly TPO and available in a factory welded or split design, the Custom Pipe Boots accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes.

Custom Curb Flashings are available in four designs for a variety of curb sizes, including 4-field-welds, 2-field-welds, 1-field weld and one piece. Available in either 45-mil or 60-mil reinforced UltraPly TPO, the Custom Curb Flashings eliminate labor costs associated with fieldforming curb flashings.