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Gutters, Rainware, Ridge Caps and Trim

Gutters, Rainware, Ridge Caps and Trim - November 2017

Gutters, rainware, ridge caps and trim products featured in Metal Architecture's November 2017 issue.

ATAS International’s water control systems are available in several styles, sizes and colors. They come in 12-foot standard lengths and custom lengths to 40 feet to minimize joints. They are designed to make installing internal gutter straps easy. ATAS International’s water control systems are offered with optional color-matched external brackets.

Englert’s LeafGuard gutters feature a top designed to allow only water to fall into the gutter bottom and shed leaves and other debris to the ground. The LeafGuard profile features a large gutter bottom covered by a rounded top. The gutters are rollformed on job sites with 0.032-aluminum and the LeafGuard rollforming machine forms the gutter bottom and top in one piece. They are painted on Englert's in-house paint line and are offered in 12 Classic gutter colors: White, Eggshell, Cream, Wicker, Light Gray, Ivory, Tan, Clay, Territone, Brown, Musket and Gray. Additionally, rolls of aluminum gutter material, miters, downspouts, elbows, hanger clips and other accessories are available.

Metallic Products’ standard building trim products include gutters, downspouts, corner trim and custom trim options. Standard building trim is available in 26-gauge and 24-gauge material and lengths to 21 feet. It is produced in Galvalume, Polar White and other standard colors.

SAF’s Press-LOC Coping System has individual compression cleats. Evenly spaced, Press-LOC compression cleats are snap-on installed without exposed fasteners. The cleats are fabricated with 16-gauge galvanized steel and stainless steal spring clips. The Press-LOC Coping System is custom fabricated, produced in 10-foot lengths and custom profiles. It meets ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 Wind Design Standards for Edge Systems Test Method RE-3 for Copings.