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Gutters, Rainware, Ridge Caps and Trim

Gutters, Rainware, Ridge Caps and Trim - November 2018

Gutters, rainware, ridge caps and trim featured in the November 2018 issue of Metal Architecture.

ADVANCED Architectural Sheet Metal offers downspouts, elbows, outlet tubes, end caps and gutter hangers. Downspouts and elbows are rollformed in 24-gauge and 0.032-inch aluminum in Kynar 500 colors, and 24-gauge Galvalume Plus. Outlet tubes (20-gauge steel or 0.04-inch aluminum) have large flanges, adjusted hole locations for fastening and no seams to prevent splitting. End caps fit inside gutters and are stamped in 24-gauge steel and 0.032-inch aluminum in Kynar 500 colors. Gutter hangers have rounded edges and are stamped with 16-gauge galvanized steel or 0.032-inch aluminum.

American Building Components offers a broad selection of roll-formed metal trim. It is produced with 29-gauge to 26-gauge thick steel, at lengths to 20 feet. The trim is used for standing seam roof systems, and roofs with concealed-fastener and exposed-fastener panels. Custom trim pieces are available for varying roof, façade and non-load bearing wall applications; they are produced to match soffits and gutters.

Chicago Metal Supply and Fabrication's seamless commercial gutters come in 5 or 6 inches and are pre-pitched with a back flange. Rainware, downspouts and custom rectangular and octagonal downspouts with a mechanically locked Pittsburgh seam are also available.

Dimensional Metals’ Continuous Gutter is a factory rollformed gutter that can be produced in lengths to 53 feet (minimum length 2 feet). A full line of accessories is available including gutter straps, mitered corners, end caps, expansion joints, painted under gutter brackets, outlets, downspouts, downspout elbows and downspout straps. Continuous Gutter is produced in 24-gauge, 22-gauge or 20-gauge steel, 0.032-inch or 0.04-inch aluminum, and 20-ounce copper. It is available with a straight back or 3-inch, 90-degree flange. Continuous Gutter CG70 is 7 inches wide, CG75 is 7 1/2 inches wide and CG80 is 8 inches wide.

SAF Perimeter Systems offers Eclectic and Geometric collections of Designer Series commercial gutter systems. The gutters have a two-piece design with snap-on decorative fascia. They are fabricated with heavy-gauge aluminum, a concealed liner with hidden brackets and straps that help support the weight of snow and ice. Eclectic and Geometric gutters are available in a variety of aluminum thicknesses, 56 standard colors and custom PVDF colors.