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Clima-Tite and LightBasic

MajorIndustries_DaylightingMajor Industries recently released two new daylighting systems-Clima-Tite and LightBasic. Clima-Tite features the same built-in water management as our standard Guardian 275 translucent panel daylighting systems, but replaces the aluminum structure with pultruded fiberglass. This allows for improved u-factors and Condensation Resistance Factor (CRF) numbers versus aluminum-based systems. Clima-Tite systems also offer a unique snap-to-lock installation feature that saves labor costs and eliminates the need for unsightly visible fasteners. Value-driven LightBasic translucent wall systems feature a simplified framing system, select system options and AcrylitGC face sheet technology. This combination allows us to keep costs down while still providing a dependable, reliable translucent curtainwall system that is easy on the bottom line.