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MBCI's Eco-ficient

MBCIMBCI's Eco-ficient line offers six distinct hidden fastener insulated wall panel profiles as well as the Insulated R Panel, which is through-fastened. The panels are available for both vertical and horizontal applications. Eco-ficient insulated wall panels come in a variety of panel widths and thicknesses, offering a number of options from which to choose. They are also offered in a vast assortment of colors and applied finishes as well. MBCI's wide variety of applied finishes allow a building's exterior to resemble granite, masonry, stucco and many other conventional construction materials.

Eco-ficient insulated panels give an attractive and elegant look to your project while providing excellent R-values for energyefficient building envelopes. They are also adaptable for use with many other building materials, including concrete tilt-up, stucco, brick, block, single-skin metal panels, glazing and EIFS.