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Metal Ceiling Systems March 2013

Chicago Metallic Corp.
The Chicago Metallic Planostile system is designed to withstand 30 PSF positive and negative pressures per UL 580, Class 30. Installing this system per Chicago Metallic's unique UL Construction Number 630, makes this system of 2- by 2-foot metal panels ideal for exterior soffits, overhangs and drive-through canopies.

Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Systems

MetalWorks Capz panels are made from aluminum using ExpanTech technology. This new manufacturing advancement produces a honeycomb composite structure that allows larger panel sizes with less weight and 10 times less deflection than standard aluminum panels of the same size, without the use of panel stiffeners. The panels are offered in seven standard sizes up to 4 by 8 feet. They can be installed in long runs, grouped in clouds, or placed individually based on the acoustical needs of the space.

Accurate Perforating

Sentry Security Ceilings provide a physical security barrier restricting access to the plenum while protecting mechanical systems. The ceiling systems are ideal for correctional facilities, courthouses, holding areas, psychiatric wards and secure office facilities. Both systems are available in aluminum or steel, a variety of sizes, and both perforated and solid configurations


McNICHOLS Designer Wire Mesh is popular for suspended ceilings because of its high-tech look, large percentage of open area for air and light diffusion, and ability to mask mechanical equipment and accommodate lighting systems. It comes in a variety of patterns, including McNICHOLS Techna 8160+ Stainless Steel 304.