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Metal Soffit Panels - December 2017

Metal soffit panels featured in Metal Architecture's December 2017 issue.

Berridge Manufacturing’s Vee-Panel can be installed in soffit applications over open framing or solid sheathing. The prefinished soffit panel provides 12 3/4 inches of coverage. It is available smooth, with wood-grain embossed finishes and vented. The panel is produced in 24-gauge and 22-gauge steel; 33 color finishes and one natural metal finish are offered.

Dimensional Metals’ V-Groove Soffit VS05 features an interlocking system, which installs in one direction from a given starting point with no panel clips. The soffit panel is produced in 24-gauge steel and 0.032-inch aluminum. Its V-grooves add depth to its appearance. In aluminum, V-Groove Soffit VS05 has 7.5 percent free air permeation with perforations. It comes with DynaClad 70 percent PVDF finishes in more than 32 colors.

McElroy Metal’s Marquee-Lok metal soffit panels complement flat, seamless roof and wall panels. The panel is available vented or non-vented, flat or with double pencil ribs (on-center spacing with double pencil ribs is 4 inches). Marquee-Lok soffit panels are 12 inches wide, and are produced in 22- and 24-gauge Galvalume. They are coated with Kynar 500. Marquee-Lok panels have a locking feature and meet ASTM E1592 for wind uplift.

Petersen Aluminum’s PAC-750 and PAC-850 metal soffit panels are available in four profiles: solid, half-vent (6 percent), full-vent (12 percent) and flush (vented and non-vented). They are roll formed of 0.032-inch aluminum in lengths to 25 feet. The 12-inch-wide panels have a V-groove every 6 inches center-to-center. The soffit panels are available in a variety of gauges and widths. Optional J-trim is available and 36 colors are offered.