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Metal Soffit Panels - December 2018

Metal soffit panels featured in Metal Architecture's December 2018 issue.

Dimensional Metals’ Flush Panel FP10 is a soffit panel that can be applied over various supports spaced no more than 24 inches on-center, or over a solid substrate. Supports include light-gauge framing, hat channels and wood stringers. Flush Panel FP10 is produced in multiple materials including 24-gauge, 22-gauge and 20-gauge steel, 0.032-inch and 0.04-inch aluminum, RHEINZINK zinc panels, 16-ounce copper, 20-ounce copper. Embossing and stiffener configurations are available. Flush Panel FP10 is performance tested for ASTM E1646 Water Penetration, ASTM E1680 Air Leakage and ASTM E1592 Static Air Pressure.

MBCI’s Artisan panel can be used for soffits and interior liners. It can be specified in vertical, horizontal or perpendicular applications, and the panel attaches directly to substructures. The Artisan panel is offered in standard 24-gauge, and optional 26-gauge and 22-gauges. It provides 12-inch-wide coverage, and smooth or embossed finishes are available.

McElroy Metal’s Matrix soffit panels can be vented or non-vented. They are attached with concealed fasteners. Matrix soffit panels are produced in 29-gauge and 24-gauge Galvalume. They are 3/8-inch-high and provide 12-inch-wide coverage. The panels are available in stock lengths 11 1/2 feet and 23 1/2 feet. Matrix soffit panels are finished in PVDF colors or silicone-modified polyester Brite White.

Varco Pruden Buildings’ FP-12 soffit panels are produced as flush, one-bead and two-bead panels. They can be installed over open framing, and are attached with concealed fasteners. FP-12 soffit panels are produced with 24-gauge AZ50 steel. They provide 12-inch-wide coverage and have a 7/8-inch profile depth that allows for field application of sealant, if required. The soffit panels come in lengths to 30 feet; lengths more than 15 feet require a bead. Five finish colors are offered.