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Photovoltaics - November 2017

Photovoltaics featured in Metal Architecture's November 2017 issue.

MiaSolé Hi-Tech’s FLEX-02N Series module is lightweight and can be directly bonded to metal roofs. It eliminates racking and reduces weight load. FLEX-02N Series module has an aperture efficiency as high as 17 percent. It can be installed on a wide range of standard architectural metal roofs and some exposed fastener metal roofs.

Panasonic’s HIT Black Module photovoltaic (PV) panel has an all black back sheet. It is 19.1 percent efficient and its loss of output is minimal in high temperatures. As temperatures increase, the HIT Black Module continues to perform at high levels due to its temperature coefficient of -0.258 percent per Celsius degree. The PV panel is designed to decrease the loss of electrons. Its hybrid technology features two types of silicone: a monocrystalline silicone layer and an amorphous silicone layer. Additionally, the HIT Black Module remains clean due to its water drainage gutters. Its frame is cut on all four sides so no matter which direction it is installed, water drains from the panel.

SolarWorld Americas’ Sunmodule is a mono black solar module. It has an all-black design, from the cells to the module frame. The Sunmodule uses mono-PERC Efficell solar cell technology for high performance and energy yields. It is designed to be durable and stable; the Sunmodule handles snow loads to 178 pounds per square foot. It is compatible with major solar attaching systems.