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Roof Accessories and Snow Retention

Roof Accessories and Snow Retention - January 2019

Roof accessories and snow retention products featured in Metal Architecture's January 2019 issue.

Alpine SnowGuards’ SimpleGuard standing seam fence-style snow guards attach to standing seam roof systems. Oval-point set screws are pre-installed, and securely attach the snow guards without penetrating roofing materials or voiding panel manufacturers’ warranties. A T-slot on top allows for finite adjustability. Their versatile SimpleBlock can be used for managing snow or, with additional parts, as a rail-free solar racking solution. SimpleGuard snow guards also have a grooved front that accepts color insert strips, which are available in multiple of Firestone Building Products Co. Inc.’s Una-Clad colors. AutoDesk REVIT BIM objects are available.

CannonBall’s Low-Profile Ridge Vents for light commercial and agricultural buildings include internal bracing, a rain diverter, and end and connector flashing. They are produced with 29-gauge pre-painted steel and have a louvered top. Low-Profile Ridge Vents are 10 feet long and 15 1/2 inches wide. They have a 4 1/8-inch roof height, 3 1/2-inch throat opening, and contain 370 square inches of free airspace. Special colors are available.

Dynamic Fastener’s Dyna-Guard snow retention system for standing seam roof systems is an 8-foot-long, extruded aluminum stick with a T-shaped profile. It is installed by attaching clamps or brackets to a metal roof and bolting the system to the clamps or brackets. Dyna-Clamps with round-point set screws and Sno-Dams are offered. Sno-Dams attach to the back of Dyna-Guard and inhibit snow and ice from sliding under it. A 2-inch-wide painted strip of metal roof material is inserted.

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards’ Blizzard II+ is a fence-style snow retention system that uses two or three pipes. The system utilizes two of S-5!’s aluminum Mini Clamps that are attached to aluminum uprights, stainless steel set screws for the clamps, aluminum tubing, aluminum swage tubing, aluminum end-caps, and stainless steel ice flags and set screws. The aluminum brackets for the two-pipe and three-pipe configurations are both 5.625 inches wide. The two-pipe brackets are 4.28 inches tall, and the three-pipe brackets are 6.28 inches tall. To install them, place the set screws in the clamps, mark locations for the brackets starting 12 inches from the eave edge, tighten the set screws, and insert the tubing into the brackets. Add the swaged tubes, end-caps and ice flags.