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Skylights, Windows and Daylighting

Skylights, Windows and Daylighting - April 2017

Skylights, windows and daylighting products featured in Metal Architecture's April 2017 issue.

EXTECH's TECHVENT 5300 is a top-hinged window system that stays open during normal rainfall while keeping interiors dry. It is available with thermally broken framing. TECHVENT 5300 can be operated manually or electrically with an optional control system. It can be installed in an individual punched opening or continuous clerestory wings. The window system is available in glass and polycarbonate, and can work as an operating skylight by installing it on a slope.

Firestone Building Products' SunWave Daylighting System features a double-glazed, acrylic, polycarbonate or combination of both. It's prismatic layered dome and is available in six standard sizes. SunWave Daylighting System spreads natural, diffused light throughout interiors and eliminates moisture buildup in the frame due to its insulated, condensation-resistant, thermally broken frame and integrated exterior weeping wells.

Kolbe's VistaLuxe sliding window features a slim, extruded aluminum exterior, wood interior and tilt-in sash on some models for cleaning. The sliding window features flush sills and a concealed weep system. It is available in double, triple and quad configurations, with openings to 168 inches. VistaLuxe sliding window is produced in Ultra Series and VistaLuxe complementary versions.

Major Industries' Guardian 275 translucent systems can be custom designed with integrated fixed or operable windows. Mixed glazed systems provide light control with views and ventilation options. Translucent panels can be combined with glass to customize skylights and control daylight. Additionally, translucent panels can be mixed with fixed and operable glass for wall systems.

Tubelite's 900RW Series ribbon windows are available with single- and dual-poured and de-bridged thermal break options to allow for appropriate thermal performance levels. The 900RW Series 2 1/4-inch-wide thermal framing is available in depths of 4 1/2 or 6 inches. Glass is positioned at the exterior of the frame and installed from the interior side. Options are available for slab edge covers. The 900RW Series ribbon windows are part of the Therml=Block product line and may be specified as part of a complete entrance, storefront and curtainwall system.

Varco Pruden Buildings' PrisMAX TRU (Tuf-lite Retrofit Unit) Skylight replaces Tuf-lites in its SSR System to enhance daylighting. It utilizes Sunoptics' prismatic lens and provides weathertightness with a diverter, which prevents water pooling. The PrisMAX TRU Skylight is 24 inches wide and has an aluminum frame that attaches to the top of standing seam ribs.