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Skylights, Windows and Daylighting

Skylights, Windows and Daylighting - April 2018

Skylights, windows and daylighting products featured in Metal Architecture's April 2018 issue.

Crystal Window and Door Systems’ Series 8500/8600 line of aluminum projected windows comes in several styles. They include out-swing casement, project-out awning, project-in hopper and fixed picture. Series 8500 has a 2 5/8-inch jamb depth and Series 8600 has a 3 1/4-inch jamb depth. Instead of field mullion installations, the windows have continuous master frames. Series 8500/8600 windows have American Architectural Manufacturers Association ratings from AW-PG80 to AW-PG100.

EXTECH’s LIGHTWALL 3440 is an interlocking polycarbonate translucent wall system. It uses insulating, recyclable, 40-mm structural cellular polycarbonate and recycled aluminum framing. LIGHTWALL 3440’s vertical panels can extend to 54 feet long and eliminate leak-prone horizontal joints. Structural cellular polycarbonate panels are 500 mm (19 11/16 inches) wide. Options for ultraviolet resistance, infrared blocking and anti-glare glazing are available.

Kingspan Light + Air’s UniQuad is a unitized translucent wall panel system with two independent glazing panels mechanically connected to an internal support structure. Its internal cavity between the two glazing panels can be filled with various inserts to customize the performance of the system. Interior and exterior glazing panels are independent of one another. Once installed, interior panels remain intact and exterior panels can be disengaged and removed without compromising the integrity of the envelope.

Nice Group’s Era Inn window blind control system has DC-driven tubular motors with integrated AC converters that spool and unwind window fabrics. Chosen speeds are absolute, regardless motor size or shade. Era Inn features silent operation, minimal vibration and responsive object detection. It has smooth up and down travel, slow start/soft stop and precision hem alignment window to window. A variety of control systems are offered including wall-mounted transmitters and remote controls.

RCS–Roof Curb Systems’ STRIP Light system combines 10-foot skylight domes to create custom length solutions. The aluminum hybrid-curb embodies an on-rib mounting approach that assembles into curb walls. It also joins with a gutter that doesn’t modify skylight frames. An under/over diverter is supported by a small version of the TRAC Rail support system.

R&S Roof Products’ RS36 Prismatic Skylights can replace LTP skylights on 12-inch on-center, high-rib roofs. The 10-foot-long skylights have an ultraviolet additive in its plastic that resists yellowing from sun exposure. A RS36 Prismatic Skylight is installed on a single roof panel. The skylights include factory-installed OSHA fall protection screens.

Skyco Skylights’ Industrial Unit Skylights feature polycarbonate domes with 70 percent visible light transmittance. The 4-foot by 8-foot skylights have a copping system that eliminates cracking and leaks, and condensation gutters. They are curb mounted or self flashing. Industrial Unit Skylights passed an 800-pound impact test and have a Class IV hail rating. Additionally, an optional VORTEX venting base is available.

Solatube’s SolaMaster 300 DS tubular daylighting device may be installed in small or low ceiling spaces. It can also be used in hard and suspended ceiling systems with 2-foot by 2-foot grids. SolaMaster 300 DS works on new and retrofit projects with 16-inch on-center framing without structural modifications. It features Spectralight Infinity with SoftLight technology, which provides light diffusion without light loss by manipulating the spread or beam of light coming down its tube.