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Solar and Photovoltaics - November 2018

Solar and photovoltaics featured in Metal Architecture's November 2018 issue.

MiaSolé’s FLEX-03N module is a copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS)-based, flexible, thin-film, photovoltaic (PV) module that provides high power density. It has more than 16 percent cell efficiency. It is 0.37 meters (14.6 inches) wide, and can be used on standing seam roofs, where modules fit in the spaces between seams. Length ranges from 1710 millimeters (67.3 inches) to 5910 millimeters (232.7 inches). The FLEX-03N module is impervious to hail, shatterproof and wind resistant. It adheres directly to metal roofs without racking, brackets or roof penetrations. The PV module can also conform to curved structures.

Onyx Solar Energy’s crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar photovoltaic (PV) glass generates optimal power in locations exposed to lots of direct sunlight. It has a peak power of 14.4 watts per square foot and, when exposed to direct sunlight, produces more power than the company’s other PV glass type, amorphous silicon (a-Si) PV glass. It is available with opaque, clear or colored glazing. C-Si PV glass is installed similar to conventional glass with an electrical PV system. Solar cell density can be varied from low to high to change the amount of emitted daylight. Applications include canopies, curtainwalls, floors, guardrails, skylights and walls.

S-5!’s PV Kit 2.0 EdgeGrab and PV Kit 2.0 MidGrab mount photovoltaics on standing seam roof systems. They have preassembled components and PV Kit 2.0 EdgeGrab is a single piece. PV Kit 2.0 EdgeGrab and PV Kit 2.0 MidGrab create a 1-inch gap between modules, allowing load reduction per ASCE-7. One tool is needed for installation, and they have a disk design that works with all S-5! clamps and exposed-fastened brackets.

Solar Connections PowerMount-S is a single-piece, universal attachment system for installing solar and photovoltaic panels on R-panel metal roofs. PowerMount-S works with other manufacturers’ L-feet to attach rail systems, and with Solar Connections’ Universal L-Foot. For installing solar and PV panels without a rail system, the company’s Solar Connection Kit with GroundBonding technology can be used. The Solar Connection Kit is UL 1703 and UL 2703 listed and approved.

Sunflare Solar’s Sunflare Flex 60 solar module is a light, thin, flexible, durable solar panel that can be installed on new or existing parking structures with metal roofs. They are attached with S-5!’s clamps. The panels have Sun2 cells encapsulated between polymer sheets. The modules have bypass diodes at every cell. When trees or other structures shade areas of a parking cover, only the cell that is shaded becomes inactive. The remainder of the panel continues to generate power.