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Brewster Ambulance Service, Weymouth, Mass.

Photo: Thomas McMahon
Photo: Thomas McMahon

For Brewster Ambulance Service, BARNES Buildings and Management Group Inc. installed a metal building system in two segments: an office portion and maintenance portion. The office part has a mezzanine on the second floor. The roof assembly on the office portion is long bay purlins with decking covered by EPDM.

BARNES installed a total of 7,100 square feet of insulated metal wall panels (IMPs) on the 30,240-sqaure-foot building. On the office portion, it horizontally installed 3,700 square feet of Metl-Span’s 3-inch-thick, 36-inch-wide CF-36 Architectural IMPs. The IMPs have 22-gauge, Polar White exteriors and 26-gauge Igloo White interiors. Corners were field-bent.

The maintenance portion has a long bay purlin system and Silvercote LLC’s R-30 Purlin Glide installation system in the roof. BARNES installed 22,344 square feet of MBCI’s 24-gauge, 24-inch-wide Double-Lok standing seam roof system in Galvalume Plus. The project was completed in May 2017.