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Georgian-style oceanfront resort

Once the site of a campground, the North Beach Towers in Myrtle Beach, S.C., is unprecedented and unparalleled in the area as the newest and largest oceanfront condominium resort. Designed in Georgian architectural style with "bridged" arches, the twin 18-story North Beach Towers is the centerpiece of a 60-acre, planned community located at the southernmost end of North Myrtle beach.

Situated on a 7 1/2-acre "island" between the Atlantic Ocean and White Point Swash, the project features an oceanfront water park, and an 18,000-square-foot, world-class spa and fitness center. A nearly 3-acre Caribbean-themed pool includes the area's only swim-up bar, as well as personal cabanas and three separate dining facilities.

North Beach TowersTo meet wind uplift and seismic conditions of the area, the bridged arches are connected to the two towers via large neoprene layers and steel pads. A standing-seam metal roof was chosen to replicate materials that would have been used in the Georgian period, notes architect Jim Hubbard of Myrtle Beach-based Pegram & Associates.

"Lead or copper would have been used in that time frame," says Hubbard, "we were looking for a modern aluminum product that could simulate that look and stand up to salt water conditions of the location."

Hubbard says he looked at standing-seam colors from a number of sources but none could replicate the tone of burnished copper he was looking for. "I literally took an old penny out of my pocket and told the contractor and the roof installer that was the color I wanted."

Spann Roofing & Sheet Metal of Conway, S.C., tasked Perth Amboy, N.J.-based Englert Inc. to provide the burnished copper penny color which the architect tagged "Buckeye Brown."

According to Ben Griffin, Spann's project manager, his company installed a total of 20,000 square feet of 16-inch-wide Englert Series 2000 panels for the roof, arched bridges and pool bar. Spann manufactured the panels onsite and used cranes and motorized scaffolding to lift them to the tops of the 18-story-high buildings for installation.

Hubbard also specified the color for window treatments, flashing and ornamentation to enhance the dynamics of the total building, working in congruence with the colors of the façade. It is also used on a tapered standing-seam metal roof that serves as the cover for the swim-up bar.

Englert Inc.,, Circle #64